It’s Friday already?!  That was fast.  Look, it’s Iggy’s first snow of 2019!

Have a great weekend!  Be careful…we’re getting snow/rain/ice!

How was my weekend?  Fuc@ing awesome!  Saturday night I had a lovely dinner with Cara.  Sunday I walked Iggy on the beach.

Sunday night my brother paid us a quick but nice visit.  And that was it.  Have a great day!

How was my weekend?  It had its ups and downs.

UP:  Got to see my nephew play in a basketball game.  He didn’t score but I thought he did really well.  When I got home I made sure he scored, watch:

Ha ha. Thank you, editing. Like I said, he had a great game. And the next day he scored! Good for him.  After the game we went to Ikea to buy a new chair and then we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A!  Delish!

DOWN: I had to say goodbye to an old friend:

Bob reflects on his time in this chair.

This recliner bit the dust.  I’m sad but it was time…it was time.

Have a great week!

I hope you had a great Christmas. I did. Sadly, the party is almost over. You know what breaks are made for…besides family? Watching movies! I rewatched ‘Splash’ and ‘The Outsiders’. I wasn’t alone, watch:

I tweeted those videos to Tom Hanks and ‘The Outsiders’ author ‘S.E. Hinton’. I got a retweet from S.E. Hinton. Pretty cool! I love making celebrities laugh. Ha ha.

Have a good one!

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine likes to interact with his fans on Twitter. I’ve tweeted before. Always nice of him to respond. Class act.

Ha ha. Click here to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s A Very Megadeth Christmas.

Oh man, no updates this week. What the hell is going on over at!! You know, Christmas is a few days away. There’s a lot of sh@t to do! Ha ha. That’s the spirit! Is this font different? It looks different. Speaking of Christmas…Cara and I haven’t put out a Christmas card in a few years. Honestly, I stopped sending out cards because of the impact on the environment. Ha ha. Just kidding! I stopped because it’s just one more thing…one more bit of bullsh@it we put upon ourselves…it just added to the stress. That’s not true either. Hey, I’d like to give a big shoutout across the pond to my friend, Carl! He’s still sending out Christmas cards!

Thanks, Carl! Merry Christmas to you too!

Between this website and social media, I’m putting out a lot of material. I record things and photograph things all the time just to get some laughs. Not every bit is solid gold. I recorded something a few days ago that is just SO BAD, I had to share it. I bought some arugula. It comes from a farm with a funny name. Watch:

Ha ha. So bad. Merry Christmas!