Iggy played with a puppy named Compass in the park last night.  This is what he’s like after running around.

That makes me happy. I love to see my guy run!

While I quickly edited Iggy panting I rewatched the unedited footage from yesterday where I’m riding a bike. My sister-in-Law and nephew Erin/Peter were on a bike ride and dropped in. I had already written about riding my bike and when I saw Erin’s bike, I knew I had to ride it. I ran inside to get my phone, gave it to Peter and made magic happen. Here’s the unedited footage:

I just enjoyed the orders I barked at Peter. You’d think it was the most important video in the world! Ha ha ha.

I started watching ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show’ this weekend. Very funny.  It’s on Netflix…everything is on Netflix.

I’m a little concerned because I think America didn’t give Burt Reynolds a proper send off. My favorite Burt Reynolds movie? 1978’s ‘Hooper’, about Hollywood stuntmen. Also very strong is 1989’s ‘Breaking In’, about small-time criminals. How can I not mention ‘Smokey and the Bandit’? I was trying to be cool and not go the obvious route. I enjoyed Burt’s work.

Poison ivy update: Friday night I scratched my rash and some dead skin came off (I know, gross)…so, like an idiot, I scratched some more! It felt so good! Then I took a shower. Then I put on the ointment. OUCH! Not smart! But now it looks better and feels better. This is the last you’ll hear about my poison ivy.

Random thought: I could never have lived in the wild west because there was too much spitting.

Time for a new feature to BB.com, Bob Learns Something New Everyday. Today I’d like to know the French word for licorice. It’s réglisse.

Saturday night Cara and I had dinner at a local seafood shack. The outside tables were very low and the chairs were very high. It was funny. I was sitting there, hunched over my meal. I looked like Rodin’s the thinker (except I’m out-of-shape and eating a fried sandwich).

But the food was good. Cara had a lobster roll and I had a fried clam sandwich. I was going to get an oyster po’boy but the order taker said without mayo there’s not much to it. I hate mayo. I also hate yogurt and sour cream. I don’t know why my aversion is so strong. I will have an aioli but it has to have a strong flavor, like sriracha. Anyway, we had a fun little adventure.

I was thinking I was going to go for a bike ride on Sunday. Then I thought, what am I going to do, just ride around? Where am I going to go? There has to be something better to do. I don’t have a bike helmet. I should probably have one. Now I’m thinking about selling my bike. On second thought…I went for a bike ride after all:

Sorry for the lack of updates this week.  I was taking care of my poison ivy.  How did I get it?  I didn’t go on any hikes in the woods.  I haven’t mowed the grass because of the nonstop rain.  It’s a mystery.  Or is it?  Our friend Jen suggested I could have got it from Iggy!  Poison ivy can get on a dog’s fur and can be transferred to humans.  There’s only one way to find out, go to the source.

Iggy reminds me of a ‘Goodfellas’ quote, “You told ’em nothing and they got nothing”. I guess I’ll never know.

Jeez, sorry to see what’s happening to the Carolinas. Awful.

On Monday I mentioned some mosquitos went to town on my arm.  The urge to itch has been crazy!  After looking a little closer I realized it was more of a rash.  After a quick Internet search It looked like shingles!  WTF!  I immediately went to an Urgent Care place and showed a doctor my arm.  Turns out it’s not shingles, whew!  It’s poison F-ing ivy.  I’ve NEVER had that before.  Where did I get it?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The treatment is a bunch of pills and an ointment.  So, there you go.

Always something.

This weekend, what the heck?!  It was grey and rainy.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  What did I do?  I worked hard and I played harder!  Yes!  You know who had a great weekend?

I love this guy! He’s the best. When I walk him at night we go down to our local park. It has a pond. Sounds nice, right? Well, it looks like a swamp and attracts bugs! Mostly mosquitoes. I have a few bites and they started to itch this weekend. Excuse me for a second…YAWN!

Have a nice day.

When Vanilla Ice makes the news because his Dubai to JFK flight was quarantined, you know you just lived through a crazy F-ing week!  Forget I said ‘week’, the whole world, 24/7 is nuts!  But has it always been crazy?  Yes.

Let’s celebrate the positive.  Here are some lyrics to something I like to call, Weekend Song:

The weekend is here, time for the weekend
Gonna walk the dog
Gonna binge watch Netflix’s Osark
Weekend weekend weekend

The weekend is when I recharge
The weekend is when I relax
The Weeknd is a singer from Canada
Wait, I got sidetracked

Football is here
But I’m not a fan
I have to use my time wisely
By mowing the grass

Weekend weekend weekend
Weekend weekend weekend
Weekend weekend weekend
Weekend weekend weekend

I’m not going to lie…that needs A LOT of work!  Have a nice weekend.

The humidity is back and I need to hydrate!  So for today, feel free to go back and reread yesterday’s update!  Stay cool!

Oh man, summer is over!  This summer wasn’t great. I feel like if it wasn’t raining, it was humid! So I made a decision to make this Labor Day weekend count! I did as much fun stuff as I could! Cara and Iggy went out east and I stayed behind. Time for Bobby to spread his wings! Ha ha. So what fun thing did I do first? I went to the movies.

‘Juliet, Naked’ was playing. I went to the 9:35 pm showing. I was looking forward to seeing another great adaptation of Nick Hornby’s works. I LOVE ‘About A Boy’. Well, this film wasn’t on par. I don’t know what the deal was. I didn’t like it. Also, my Milkduds were melted and gross! After the bad film, I thought, I’ll stop at the local bar and have a drink. 11:30 pm on a Friday night: Closed! Hmmmmm. This weekend isn’t off to a good start.

Saturday I did some chores.  Saturday night I saw some bands I’ve never seen before, Judas Priest and Deep Purple! Here are some highlights:

Yes, I went by myself. I couldn’t get anyone to go with me! Ha ha. The bands were so good! I grew up on metal music. To be surrounded my loud music is to breathe.  I knew Judas Priest was going to be good.  I was surprised by Deep Purple.  They were great!

Sunday I loaded up the car and drove east to join Cara and Iggy. Side-note: It was so weird not having Iggy around. The guy follows me from room to room. I missed him. And yes, I missed Cara too!

On my way to meet Cara I thought of one last fun thing to do. Go to a casino! That usually works out well for me! Ha ha ha! How did I do?  I was down, then up and then down. I just lost a little. Did I mention I didn’t tell Cara? Cara was expecting me around a certain time. When that time passed, she checked my location on her phone and saw that I was at a casino! Ha ha ha ha. Here’s Cara’s text and my response. Funny.

“Busted!” is right, ha ha ha!  I rounded out the weekend by having my favorite breakfast(s)!

I’m sad summer is over.  Such is life.