I don’t like to title my blog posts because it just seems dumb.  But if I did, today’s post would be called, ‘Let Me Eat Cake, Please!’

Cara and I went back to Ohio for my birthday weekend.  She ordered a ‘Birthday Cake’ for me from MilkBarStore.com.  Their stuff is really rich and tasty.  On the day my cake was to arrive, she found out there was a shipping snafu.  Annoying but things happen.  But this was a little odd because there wasn’t a tracking number.  So, did they ever send it?  Yes.  It arrived the day after we left.  We explained this and they gave us 50% off and said they’d send us another order to our house.  The cake arrived a few days later BUT it was the wrong flavor!  Crazy, right?  I just want my fancy cake!  They made up for this by giving us a very good coupon but…we’re wondering…do we try to order the same cake again?!  Ha ha.

Another night, another birthday celebration! My birthday month continues! Last night I enjoyed a delicious ramen dinner with my friend, Walter. We had a fun time!

My birthday is over but great news, my birthday month lives on!

Tomorrow, another photo where I’m holding a cake!

My birthday is getting close but the festivities have already begun! Friday, Cara, Iggy and myself jetted to Steubenville! And when I say ‘jetted’ I mean we drove. It was one of the worst drives ever. Traffic. The worst. But that didn’t stop me from celebrating!

It was good to be back. And good to see my family and my Mom. This is cake #1, will there be more? Stay tuned.

Recently I saw the film, Joker. My thoughts? Who cares. I was excited because I was the only person in the theater. I love it when that happens!!! Oops, wait a minute. Here comes a guy. Well, this theater lets you select your seat. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be close to me either. Oh no, I’m wrong. This SOB sat in my row, one seat away!

Who is this clueless?! I did overcome and was able to focus on the film but, HOW WEIRD!

Let’s talk about aluminum free deodorant.  I started using it a few months ago and guess what, I don’t stink.  Deodorant that doesn’t have aluminum is better.  Why?  I’m not sure.  But people HATE aluminum.

I like the Native brand.  First I tried their eucalyptus & mint scent.  Then I realized I hate scents.  So I switched to unscented.  Love it.