I love summer!  But I feel like we just crossed over into the bug zone. To show you how bad it is, when I walk Iggy, this is what I hear:

Is that CRAZY or what?! Stupid fucking bugs. Why the salty words? Recently I got a tick bite. I have to see the doctor to make sure I don’t have anything. Damn ticks are the worst! You don’t want Lyme disease! Hey, my new glasses are ready! Big reveal on Monday! Have a good weekend!

This week is almost over!  Almost.  Kinda.  I feel like the humidity is back!  They said it wasn’t going to be crazy after Tuesday’s storm.  Wrong.  Hey, wanna see a sign of the times?  Someone was throwing away a CD rack and a magazine stand.

Iggy was so sullen he took a whiz on the CD rack. Full disclosure, after Iggy’s pee, an old guy came out and picked up his items. I said, that’s a sign of the times, no more CDs and no more magazines. He corrected me and said, “That’s not for CDs, it’s for wine.” I thought how does that thing hold wine? Then I thought, who the hell cares. ha ha.

Man, I was so tired last night I couldn’t update.  Now that’s tired!  Last night I wanted to see Dave Matthews Band but it wasn’t in the cards.  The big problem…I didn’t get tickets.  Ha ha.

Time for some shoutouts:  Shoutout to longtime bb.com reader, Lee Cain, shoutout to youtube commenters, Loser Weabo and Spalt.

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday.  It should be Thursday at least!

Last today, enjoy this mini freakout from Iggy!

The answer to yesterday’s question is paella.  That answer again, paella.  Thank you for your participation.  Also, thank you to people…to be continued.

Another weekend in the rearview mirror.  She was a good one.  Saturday night I had a great dinner with Cara.  The service wasn’t the best but what can you do?  Running a restaurant is a tough business.  Thankfully the food was tasty.  I was going to take a photo when my food came out but I forgot.  Instead, can you guess what I ate? Let me know on Twitter!

I’ll have the answer tomorrow. How exciting! Sunday was equally great. We went out for breakfast and I had my favorite dish, Robbie’s Gringo Hash.  And some blueberry pancakes…for the table.

Amazing!  But did I do anything besides eat?  Not really!  Ha ha.  Have a great day!

My first week back and my Friday diary is tardy!  What’s the deal with that?  I have a great excuse.  I woke up late because yesterday I spent 8 hours on line to make a Build-A-Bear!  What a fiasco!  Sadly my Bob bear will never see the light of day.

It’s SO humid here!  When I take Iggy on his walk, he has to stop and rest.

I have hundreds of photos of Iggy resting.  It used to stress me out.  Now I take out my phone and go with the flow.  Wheatens don’t like the heat.  It’s in their DNA.

Weekend plans?  If I tell you now I won’t have anything to say on Monday!  Nice try, Internet!  Have a good one!


Over the weekend I watched a show called, The Vanilla Ice Project. It’s on the DIY network. Ice is a very likable guy. So much so I ended up watching about 6 episodes! Ha ha. I’m even thinking about buying his t-shirt.
It makes me laugh. Hey, before I buy his shirt, I need to buy a BobBorden.com shirt! Check this out:

Now that’s a shirt!  I had an artist create an image of me on a horse, with Iggy (our dog).  I did it because I needed an image when I had my website set up as a landing page.

BobBorden.com is relaunched. So, now what? Gotta get the word out but how? Take out your phone and make a video. Enjoy:

Ha ha. Pretty dumb. So tired.