This weekend went fast! I woke up early, 8am, on Saturday and Sunday but have nothing to show for it. I did my laundry and fine-tuned the site with Walter on Sunday. Man it’s cold out! This week we’re going to crack 40 degrees twice. On Friday, I was standing in line waiting for the bus. There was this annoying couple behind me. I, having nothing to do in line, couldn’t help overhearing every word, yuk. I’m all for love but this guy she was with was so lame! But as time went on, I don’t think she was such as prize either. The lamest joke I heard this year came from this guy. They were talking about what to do on Saturday. And he said, “I still say we go see the Blue Man Group, watch them turn green.” That was this guy’s rap with the chicks! Why am I single? Granted, I weigh 400lbs, but he was talking some lame stuff. She, out of the blue said, “You know what I’m in the mood for? Potato chips, dip and a glass of milk.” Ok, that’s not so bad but later on the bus she said, again, out of the blue,“You know what I could really go for? Cranberry juice.” Well, which is it sweets? Cranberry juice or a glass of milk!? I love overhearing people. I tell this story all the time: I was walking in Hoboken and the man and woman were walking towards me. You could tell they were a couple, the baby carriage gave that away. Anyway, the woman took a drink from his Snapple bottle. Immediately, she put it down and said, “This is hot!” The guy looked lovingly into her eyes and said, “It’s mango, stupid!”I love that story. I watched The Running Man on Saturday. That’s a great flick. OK, that’s all I got! Have a great day.