I was talking to my brother last night and his son, my nephew, came downstairs and asked for some water. Remember doing stuff like that? I forgot all the things I used to do to fight going to sleep. Now I can’t wait to get to sleep, I wish I were sleeping now. My nephew just took a sip and my brother said, “Is that it, you came down here for that?” So, my nephew just took the glass and pretended to drink, it was funny. He told me about the drums and guitar that he saw recently. I think of my brother, he’s married with three kids and I can’t even find a woman! I have a feeling I’m going to end up likeCharlie Chaplin and father kids when I’m in my 60’s; it may have been later than that. Come to think of it, that may not be so bad! This morning I rode the bus in, as usual, and there were three teenage girls on the bus. They were talking about their lame teachers and how they should be taught things that interest them. I have to say, I think I agree with them. Take a look at this website, I pretty much learned everything I needed to know by the fourth grade. The rest of the stuff I got “D’s” in. I didn’t excel at anything till college, when I found out they teach classes on TV! That was a pretty good day. If they taught things that I could have got into, I could have had a five-year jump on my life. Although after saying that, maybe all that time spent in school isn’t so bad. After all, I’m 31 and I live alone with two cats. What would I have missed out on by starting five years earlier!? OK, so the whole school point is moot. The nephew story was good. OK, have a great weekend, talk to you on Monday.