I was in the subway this morning staring at the tracks, oblivious to everything. At that moment, I saw a rat climb a ladder! This woman and I looked at each other and smiled. It was a nice New York moment. I was walking to the bus this morning, thinking about the election and the 19,000 voters that probably won’t have their votes counted this election. Who’s at fault: the ballot design, the voters themselves? I looked down at a New Jersey license plate and found my answer. Last year, NJ put registration stickers on all the license plates. I, living in NJ, was part of this process. The NJ license bureau sent out stickers and directions. The directions, including a diagram, stated that the stickers should be placed on the top right of the front and rear plates. It was very simple, very easy, very straight to the point. However, if you look around you see: people with two stickers on the rear plate or one sticker on the left side, I’ve even seen them on the bottom of the plates – I stay away from those people. If people can’t follow simple directions on how to install license plate stickers, how the heck are they going to vote? The voters should have taken an extra minute and read the ballot and ballot instructions more carefully. And make sure that when they took their ballots out, that they were 100% punched out. I sure as heck wouldn’t want someone trying to interrupt who I was voting for! For all I know, they could have two stickers on their rear plates! It’s too early to say anything yet but one of my press releases may have paid off – more about that when I know more. Have a great day!