What a commute this morning! I live about 5 miles from work and it takes an hour to get here sometimes. They pack the buses like sardines. My leg always falls asleep because there’s nowhere to move. Two pet peeves about the bus: #1 Perfume. One person is OK, but 40 people wearing 40 different scents of the day is too much! #2 Cell phones. I’m all for technology but these things suck eggs! I always end up seated next to the guy trying to work out relationship problems with his girlfriend. And on every trip someone always pulls out their phone and 9 times out of 10 you hear this…”Yeah I just got out of the tunnel and I’ll be home in five minutes.” Do you have to call someone and tell them that? Another thing that happened to me today, my shoe came untied. Granted, that’s not a big deal but the odd thing is that I had it double-knotted. It makes you think, doesn’t it? Last night I watched this countdown show on VH1. They’re listing the greatest hard rock bands of all time. It’s pretty good. I have to say that my brother and I probably have every record on that list. Speaking of my brother and hard rock, check out his site,aftershok.com. They’re bringing classic metal back. What’s up with this election crap? I was talking to my friend Jeff last night and we both agree that once the lawyers get involved it’s a free-for-all. These 1950’s voting machines and how we count the votes is the problem. How cool would it be to place your vote from your home computer? Like the rest of America I never thought of how we vote before because every election I’ve voted in has been a blowout. I sent out five press releases yesterday. I plan on sending out five releases everyday until someone reviews this site. If you happen to know a magazine writer, please have him or her check out my site. OK, that’s it for today. Have a good one.