I feel like an old man. I’d rather stay in than go out. I have weekend pants – pants that I only wear on the weekends. They’re not even nice pants. I just put them on when the weekend rolls around. Saturday, I did my laundry and ordered in a pizza. Sunday, I talked myself into being more adventurous. I drove to Jersey Gardens, NJ’s Largest Outlet Mall. It lived up to its name because it’s fricking huge! However, there was nothing there that appealed to me. Just a bunch of ugly shirts @ 40% off – 40% off of what? See what I’m saying. Again, the old man. After that, I drove south. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. NJ has EZ Pass now; I’m going to sign up for that later today! Later, I went to the A & P and bought some Kitty Litter. Exciting stuff! I did find a new short cut back home. So, it wasn’t a total loss and it felt great to get away from the city. Again, thanks to everybody for telling their friends about this site. I’ve received e-mails from Germany and Australia. And a guy just wrote me and said he found my card in White Castle. At this point, I’d like to make a plea – please, please don’t kill me. OK, have a great day!