This election stuff is crazy! It seems like they’re not going to stop recounting until Gore wins. Enough about that. Last night I watched a great DVD, Melvin and Howard. You should check it out. You can buy DVDs via my DVD page. This morning, on the bus, I was thinking about what to talk about. Nothing exciting happened to me yesterday. At that moment as I was walking off the bus, I looked down and on the bus seat was a gold dollar! Holy crap, I said to myself. I looked around to see if I was being watched. I wasn’t and I picked it up off the seat. Now, here’s the odd thing – My boss, Eric Stangel, found a gold dollar in his cab! The very same day! How f-ing cool is that?! It makes you think. I’m thinking about buying seven of the same style of shirt. I think I’d be happy with one shirt that I love than a bunch of shirts I just could care less about. I think Albert Einstein wore the same clothes all the time so he wouldn’t waste brain space on useless thoughts. I don’t have that problem, I’m just sick about caring about clothes. What do you think? Send me an e-mail. No big plans for my weekend. I wanted to go to QVC and take their tour but everyone thinks that’s a crazy idea. I’m in for a quiet weekend I think. OK, everybody have a good one and I’ll talk to you on Monday.