Hello. I hope everybody had a great weekend. I had dinner with my friend Tiffany on Friday. We caught up on things and talked about writing a press release. I’m going to work on that this week. I want to give a shout out to Mike McIntee, of theWahoo Gazette, for helping me get the word out on my site. Thanks brother! Saturday, I stayed in bed till 12 listening to music and then I went out to do my laundry. I was going to go to a party that night but I just couldn’t get motivated. So, I watchedTouch of Evil on DVD. Great film! Sunday, I woke up early–around 8am–and just watched three straight hours of QVC. Then I went to the A & P. Came back home and watched Christine. I also watched a lot of those Behind the Music shows on VH1. All in all, a great weekend! My goal for next weekend is to go for a walk. There’s a possibility that I could be on Late Show tonight. We taped something on Friday but as of this writing, I don’t know if it will get on. Check out the show tonight, just in case. Don Rickles is on…he’s great! OK, have a great day and keep telling your friends about bobborden.com!