Last night I was in the city to see Children Of Bodom, Suicidal Tendencies and MEGADETH!!!

Before that, I started off my night paying a visit to some old friends! I haven’t seen or talked to Rupert and May in years! When I worked at the Late Show I ate there almost everyday! Sometimes twice a day! They are truly great people. Glad we could catch up.

Rupert, Bob, May. (Note the asterisk on my fleece. My coat will have a major impact on my evening.)

Next stop, dinner. My sister-in-law told me about a place called, BarBacon.

Bacon, egg, cheese and sausage sandwich.

This breakfast sandwich was very tasty and bacon-y!

On to the show! First up, Children Of Bodom! I never heard of them. They were great! They’re from Finland. I’m not a fan of death metal vocals but I loved this band! Next, Suicidal Tendencies. I listened to these guys in the 80’s but never saw them live. I was very impressed! Mike Muir was great! Now for the main event, MEGADETH! Again, another band I like but have never seen live. They’re the reason I went to this show by myself. I don’t have any metal friends.  The whole night I stood on the floor and moved up whenever I could. People were standing VERY close to each other. Two guys in front of me were head banging and singing. We were so close I could smell them and their breath. It was not a good smell. The air was very stale. One guy had very long hair. The second time it whipped back and hit me in the face, I said, ok, I have to fu*king move.

BlankI moved back and off to the side. I was hot but didn’t think much of it. I didn’t want to remove my fleece because I didn’t have anywhere to put it. Dumb. I started to feel not great. I felt like I was going to throw up. I took off my coat but still felt bad. I headed to the exit but the a-hole security guy wouldn’t let me out! So I went to the back of the room. My legs felt like rubber and that’s when I fainted. When I came to, I was on the floor. It happened very fast. So fast nobody helped me. I’m not sure if anybody even saw me. I’d love it if there was video!

When Megadeth started their 9th song, that’s when I walked out and got in a cab.  Ugh, what a night!  I am totally fine.

I was posting updates on Facebook and thought to myself, maybe I won’t share the part about fainting.  But live by social media, die by social media.

Have a great weekend!