July 19, 2004:

It’s Sunday night, I just got back from the Prince show and it was GREAT! His band was so tight, it goes beyond words. THE TIME opened up! Morris Day was on his game. It was quite the surprise. There were also a few celebrity sightings. First, Walter, “Sally” and I saw Q-Tip. Then we saw:

Rev. Al Sharpton

How funny’s that? Rev. Al is a Prince fan. My photo’s a little out of focus but that’s really him.

I have to get to bed, so I’ll save my diary until Tuesday. On second thought, I just did the usual things up until the concert;


A & P, laundry and cleaned the apartment. So, until tomorrow, I leave you with:

Damn, he’s good. This last photo is everyone exiting the concert, everyone at the same time:
Not crowded enough

That’s it! Have a great Monday.