What did I do last night? Well, while you nerds were sleeping in your rocking chairs, I was in the city rubbing elbows with celebrities and dignitaries! Maybe that’s not quite the whole story. In the trade, that’s called a grabber! The truth is I was in the city and got to see my good friends!

[Top – L to R]: Walter, Lorraine, Tom, Jerry, Bob. [Bottom]: Jay.

Walter was in for the week so we were able to get together! Just like the old days…of about a year ago! I started my night off eating a hamburger by myself. I wanted to have a full stomach so I wouldn’t have a repeat of the last time I was in NYC (CLICK FOR BOB FAINTS ENTRY). I was able to find the only place in Manhattan that wasn’t crowded. A place called Black Burger. I have to say, they cook a very tasty burger. One downside, I couldn’t order fries because their deep frier was on the blink. Probably for the best. So, long story short, I arrived at the bar, had a lot of great conversations, drank a couple of beers, did not faint and before I knew it, I was eating a slice of pizza on the 1:17 AM train to Manhasset.
I’m not 100% sure why I took this photo. You know what pizza looks like, right?

Good stuff. Have a great weekend!