I have a feeling no one knows bb.com is back. I mean, this is HUGE news! Before Twitter, before Facebook, before the internet, there was BobBorden.com!  Ha ha.

I’m looking forward to getting my new glasses. It’s a new face. I was going to get blue frames. From a distance they look black. Up close, blue. Why did I change my mind? I had flashbacks to the 8th grade when I had red frames. ¬†People said I looked like Sally Jessy Raphael. Kids and adults can be cruel.

Guess what I just got my hands on? 2016’s hottest toy, the NES Classic!

It sold out in 2016. People were reselling them on eBay for crazy money. I said, no way, buddy. I waited and waited and waited. It’s pretty good! Same gameplay as the original. And it’s so small! Good stuff. I just need the time to play it.