Seems like was offline most of yesterday.  I found this out from my legions of readers Mom.

Hmmmm, what’s going on?  Not a lot.  I could and probably should end it here but first let’s see if I have any ideas in my notes.

Bob’s Notes:  Can I use the term ‘straight fire’ and get away with it?  What if the McGriddle was made up of only the syrupy buns? Also, has anybody ever thought of ‘pancakes on a stick’? I like almonds. I’ve been trying to cut out candy from my life. Compared to where I was, I’m doing pretty good. Just got word my new glasses are going to take a week longer. I can wait. I want a Boston cream donut… But without the donut…just a blob of goo.

Ok, nothing to see here.  Ha ha.  Have a good day.