What am I listening to?  I have Amazon Music so I can listen to anything!  Right now I’m enjoying Nick Lowe’s ‘TOKYO BAY/ CRYING INSIDE’ EP.

I wish this was longer than four songs!  But it’s so good!

I haven’t been to any shows this summer.  I was thinking about seeing Slayer and/or The B-52’s last weekend but it’s so damn humid!

While I’m talking about music, look at this 2-song playlist I made:

I called it ‘SuperCrazyMix’ and it has songs by Iggy Pop and Neil Diamond!  Now that is crazy!  I make a lot of playlists and I guess I ran out of names.

I was able to get my new glasses adjusted.  They were falling down on my nose and it was so annoying!  The salesman looked at them and said, “oh no, that’s not right.”  So, that’s a load off.  Glasses are so expensive!

I’m going to leave you today with a new feature called, You Don’t See This Everyday.  Look, it’s a roll sitting on top of a bush:

I saw that on Iggy’s walk last night.  Man, if that roll could talk!  Have a good weekend!