What do we think about the weekend being over?  Boooooo!  But I had a good one!  Saturday morning it rained so we watched a bunch of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.  So good.  I just bought a Roku streaming stick.  So the episodes were coming in fast and furious!  A major upgrade from the streamer in my old blu-ray player.  Back to CCC, that show makes me want a small car with a stick shift.  I know driving a stick shift in an automatic world would drive me nuts but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Saturday night I had a great dinner with Cara and our friend, Lauren.  I ordered the most-expensive item on the menu, lobster bucatini!

It was delicious!  After dinner I posed on a red carpet!

The carpet was down for ‘Evita’ but I didn’t see it.  Just saw a good photo op, ha ha.  It might be time to retire that shirt!  I wear it a lot.  Sunday I started my day with coffee.  I’m not a regular drinker…it makes me bounce off the walls!  After breakfast Iggy had a playdate with Lauren’s dog, Augie.

The playdate was good right up until Iggy got overheated.  Ugh.  It’s hard to cool off a dog.  Damn humidity!  Have a good Monday, if possible.