Friday weather update: Hot, humid and F-ing unbearable! But, it is August, right? I guess I’ll calm down.

Just saw a commercial for French yogurt. I hate yogurt. The tangy smell makes me ill. My point? Greek yogurt is so popular, now the French are trying to get a piece of the pie! I ask, what’s wrong with good old American yogurt?! Am I right?! USA USA USA! (Ha ha. I don’t know anything about yogurt and don’t care.)

I leave you this week with another video of your favorite dog, Iggy! The sound of the phone hurts his ears and he howls. Very cute. He’s getting a haircut today. Before and after photos on Monday. (How’s that for a tease?!)

UPDATE: Just saw this at the market…

It’s body wash and its scent is Greek yogurt! WTF?!!!!