How was my weekend? Totally great! Great weather, great walks with my dog, great dinner(s) with my lady, great, great, great!
Dinner on Saturday night was funny. We were seated next to a table of old and super old people. Nothing wrong with that. At one point we heard a woman loudly say, “I’ve never played so many games of canasta in my life!” Cara and I lost it.

The second funniest thing was when we were driving and I imagined what the George Michael song “I Want Your Sex” would be like if it were a duet with Aretha Franklin.
George: “I want your sex”
Aretha: “You want my what?!”
George: “I want your love”
Aretha: “My love? OK George Michael, that’s more like it.”
George: “I want your sex”
Aretha: “There you go again! I didn’t sign up for this!”

It’s a little funnier in person. Ha ha. Have a good day!