Oh man, summer is over!  This summer wasn’t great. I feel like if it wasn’t raining, it was humid! So I made a decision to make this Labor Day weekend count! I did as much fun stuff as I could! Cara and Iggy went out east and I stayed behind. Time for Bobby to spread his wings! Ha ha. So what fun thing did I do first? I went to the movies.

‘Juliet, Naked’ was playing. I went to the 9:35 pm showing. I was looking forward to seeing another great adaptation of Nick Hornby’s works. I LOVE ‘About A Boy’. Well, this film wasn’t on par. I don’t know what the deal was. I didn’t like it. Also, my Milkduds were melted and gross! After the bad film, I thought, I’ll stop at the local bar and have a drink. 11:30 pm on a Friday night: Closed! Hmmmmm. This weekend isn’t off to a good start.

Saturday I did some chores.  Saturday night I saw some bands I’ve never seen before, Judas Priest and Deep Purple! Here are some highlights:

Yes, I went by myself. I couldn’t get anyone to go with me! Ha ha. The bands were so good! I grew up on metal music. To be surrounded my loud music is to breathe.  I knew Judas Priest was going to be good.  I was surprised by Deep Purple.  They were great!

Sunday I loaded up the car and drove east to join Cara and Iggy. Side-note: It was so weird not having Iggy around. The guy follows me from room to room. I missed him. And yes, I missed Cara too!

On my way to meet Cara I thought of one last fun thing to do. Go to a casino! That usually works out well for me! Ha ha ha! How did I do?  I was down, then up and then down. I just lost a little. Did I mention I didn’t tell Cara? Cara was expecting me around a certain time. When that time passed, she checked my location on her phone and saw that I was at a casino! Ha ha ha ha. Here’s Cara’s text and my response. Funny.

“Busted!” is right, ha ha ha!  I rounded out the weekend by having my favorite breakfast(s)!

I’m sad summer is over.  Such is life.