Last weekend I was in Ohio to see my niece’s homecoming. I drove. I wanted to fly but waited too long and the tickets were crazy! I rented a car.

It was a new Toyota Camry! Isn’t it the most popular car in the world? It was a little underpowdered but not a dealbreaker. It had a 14.5 gallon gas tank. I averaged around 34 miles per gallon. I thought that was pretty great. Any downside to this rental? Well, it smelled like vanilla. It was strong. Like someone was always blowing it in my face, strong. In the middle of my trip I had to get one of these:

Yes, soon after opening the classic royal pine air freshener it became too piney! But it was still an improvement over the vanilla. Yuk.

As you saw in Monday’s video, we had a great time. It was a quick trip. Too quick.

I had a great time shopping with my Mom.

Had a great post homecoming dinner.

And a great drive back with my new friend.

Friday: Long Island to Ohio, 454 miles, delayed by 1 hour due to GWB traffic.
Sunday: Ohio to NJ (to visit my Aunt/Uncle), then back Long Island, 460 miles, delayed over an hour trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Fri/Sat/Sun: Over 900 miles driven.
Monday/Tuesday: Super tired! Ha ha.