I have a cold.  How/Why?  Monday I was in Florida where it was 87 degrees.  Tuesday I was back on Long Island where it was in the 30’s.  Toss in a person hacking up their lungs on on flight and there you go.  But I will survive!

What I almost didn’t survive, yes that’s an exaggeration, was yesterday’s snowstorm.  The forecast was for 1 to 3 inches…we got 6 inches of heavy, wet snow.  So it caught everybody by surprise.  By the time the plows came out it was too late.  I saw a lot of accidents and a lot of people driving like idiots.  I was happy to get home.

You know who loved the snow?  Iggy!

Before I go, how about one more photo from Disney? This is a selfie I took in front of Epcot. The food and wine festival was going on. We had a good time.

If you look at the green arrow you can see Cara in the background. Today is Cara’s birthday! Happy Birthday! xoxo.