Wow! That was a FAST weekend!  Whew!  What did we do?  I don’t know.  Not a lot.  Iggy went to the groomer on Saturday.  He was there for FOUR hours!  Too long in my opinion.  I wasn’t happy.  It was hard for me to start something because I kept thinking they’re going to call any minute.  I called because I was getting worried.  They were just busy.  Kind of a lame excuse.  That’s why they have appointments.  Get him in, get him out.  Don’t keep him for four hours.  That’s crazy.  I’m considering grooming him myself.  I just need a grooming table, a special blow dryer, sheers, clippers and…oh who am I kidding?!  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  You’ll be happy to learn he looks great!

Before & After

He’s a handsome bastard!

To reward him I gave him one of his Christmas gifts, a hambone.

OMG, he loved it! I’ve given him hickory bones before but stopped because he was getting some bits caught in his throat. He didn’t have this problem with the hambone. After I took it away he took a LONG drink. It was really something. I took him out before bed so he could do his business. We went to sleep. Around 4 am he jumped up and sat in front of me. I didn’t think much of it because it was 4 am and I was sleeping! A few minutes later he peed on the floor. Poor guy was trying to tell me he had to go. I didn’t get his signal because he usually pulls my hand. He drank too much water…I missed that too. I thought he got rid of it before bed. If you drove by our house Saturday at 4 AM, yes, I was walking my dog. Live and learn.

Have a great day!