Another weekend in the books! I have a birthday coming up. I like to celebrate all month long! Saturday night Cara took me out to the first of many dinners! We went to a little Italian restaurant out East. So good! I ordered shrimp fra diavolo. We also ordered a half carafe of wine. A few minutes after we ordered the waitress returned and asked if we said half or full carafe. I said, you know what, we’ll take a full carafe! When the wine got to our table, the carafe was HUGE! Lol. A half of anything isn’t always good but in this case it might have been the perfect amount! Getting back to the restaurant, It’s lousy with decor! And I love it! It even has a choking sign!


So, I mentioned my upcoming bday…it’s the big one. Five zero. Is that crazy?! I don’t feel old but the numbers do not lie! Ha ha.

Here’s a sentence someone of my age would write: ‘I recently bought a membership to Costco!’ I decided to join because Groupon had a good deal….another old man sentence, ha ha.  I took Cara there on Sunday afternoon. They closed at 6. We got there at 3:45 pm. We both figured everybody probably went there already and it wouldn’t be busy. Oh my goodness, how wrong!!! We turned around and went home! I’ll try again another day or find one in another town. Ok, that’s it. Have a great week!