When these neighborhood gossip hounds get together, watch out!

I’m thankful today isn’t freakishly hot! This week was brutal! But it is the end of August. Ugh. I hate talking about the weather. Hot, cold, hot, cold. What do I care? I’m not a farmer.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, there’s nothing going on. So, load up the dog and have a bitchin’ weekend!

It’s next level hot. Look what I found on Iggy’s walk last night:

It’s a black rubber glove. How mysterious. Who needs a glove on the hottest day of the year?! Somebody get me Dateline, stat!

Iggy was in full cuddle mode last night.

What a cute bastard! We didn’t watch anything last night. So that means ‘American Ninja Warrior’ was on TV by default. While casually watching I saw a guy who had a tattoo of his dog! Now that’s a tattoo I could live with!

How was my weekend? Totally great! Great weather, great walks with my dog, great dinner(s) with my lady, great, great, great!
Dinner on Saturday night was funny. We were seated next to a table of old and super old people. Nothing wrong with that. At one point we heard a woman loudly say, “I’ve never played so many games of canasta in my life!” Cara and I lost it.

The second funniest thing was when we were driving and I imagined what the George Michael song “I Want Your Sex” would be like if it were a duet with Aretha Franklin.
George: “I want your sex”
Aretha: “You want my what?!”
George: “I want your love”
Aretha: “My love? OK George Michael, that’s more like it.”
George: “I want your sex”
Aretha: “There you go again! I didn’t sign up for this!”

It’s a little funnier in person. Ha ha. Have a good day!

Thank poop it’s Friday! Is that how the saying goes? Have you heard of the clothing brand, johnnie-O? They had a sale this past week. A MYSTERY BOX sale! Nothing gets me more excited than the lure of a mystery box! Without considering the downsides, all sales final, might not fit, might be butt ugly, I ordered a polo shirt mystery box! Thanks to digital video, the internet and some free time, you get to witness the mystery box opening (plus outtakes) over and over and over again!

Have a great weekend.

Where have I been?  “Where haven’t I been?” might be a better question.  Ha ha. Makes no sense.  Last night I saw Jeff Lynne’s ELO at MSG.  They were good.  Maybe too good.  The songs were played exactly as they were recorded.  Sometimes that’s great and sometimes not so great.  Hearing so many hits played perfectly made me wonder if they were using backing tracks.  I’ll never know.  The audience, except for Walter and myself, was old.  I didn’t mind until we had to leave and almost nobody knew where the f*ck they were going!  ha ha.

I’m guilty of this concert activity.  There’s a friend at the show but they’re on the opposite side.  So you try to wave at each other.  Watch:

Funny and pointless.  Ha ha.

Friday Cara and I did something really different/fun.  I won tickets to Scott Shannon and The Big Show’s 1000th Broadcast!  I made a highlight reel, watch:

Good times! Have a great day.