Cara and I saw the Dave Matthews Band last night. They were, as usual, great! I do like seeing concerts again! I wasn’t sure I was going to go. I believe I ate some expired hummus! I’m not kidding! My stomach was feeling bloated and funky! But I rallied and went!

We stood up the whole time…that’s what you do at a DMB concert. Stand up, dance, do whatever you want. Or, if you’re like the girl next to me, you smoke and wave your cellphone in my face every minute! I don’t know what the hell she was recording! She was wildly moving her phone like she was shooting a Michael Bay film! And there was a super drunk guy behind us. He was loudly calling out every song…I should say wrongly calling out every song! He finally got the last song right but by then he lost all credibility.

Speaking of the last song, that’s when I had to sit down. My stomach was cramping up and all of the disgusting concert smells finally got to me. I’m feeling a little better now. I’m drinking a lot of water.

I stopped recording on my phone years ago because you never really go back and rewatch your bad cellphone footage. I just pick a time and record a few seconds. I enjoy the show more that way. Here’s 33 seconds from last night’s show:

If you’ve been following since 2000, you’ve seen the name ‘Tiffany’ over and over again. When I lived in Hoboken, Tiffany was my upstairs neighbor. I was a shy guy from Ohio…I’m not exactly sure how we became friends. But we did. We hung out, had many dinners together and MANY drinks together! Ha ha. She invited me out to meet her friends and her family. Slowly my small world got bigger and bigger. After I got married and moved to Long Island we didn’t keep in touch as much…but we followed each other on social media. Three years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She fought it but this summer it came back. Today she passed away. Thank you for everything, Tiffany. I’ll never forget you!

R.I.P. my friend.

You don’t want to miss this one!

If losing weight was easy…everybody would be skinny!

Here’s a video I made for my ‘How to Lose Weight and Learn Guitar’ YouTube channel. This time I’m focused on getting in shape!

Nothing to see here, please move on to another blog. Ha ha. I had a great weekend. We had a couple of nice meals with friends, relaxed and drove around. I took this great photo of Iggy and his cousin, Scout:

(LtoR): Scout, Iggy

Hard to tell from a photo but they were happy because we returned home. Iggy has a like/tolerate relationship with Scout. Iggy is the teacher and there’s always a lesson to be learned!

Do you like to watch videos of people unboxing things? Then you’re gonna love this!