I went into yesterday not knowing anything about Josh Ritter.  Then I heard one of his songs on the radio and BOOM!  I’m a fan.

I like the song, ‘Where the Night Goes’

The other song I heard yesterday was Brian Setzer’s ‘The Knife Feels Like Justice’.  I’ve heard that one before but haven’t heard it in a long time.  Very good!

‘The Knife Feels like Justice’

When I mowed the grass this past weekend I listened to Prince’s new album.  Also good.  He was so talented.  Still such a shame he’s no longer with us.

Saturday was a HUGE day! It was haircut day for the Borden boys!

I wish Iggy could go to my barber. The dog groomer is so expensive! But Iggy prides himself on his appearance. Honestly…that was about the only highlight. The rest of the weekend was devoted to relaxing.

Have a nice day.

I was just sitting here wondering when Prince’s new album is coming out.  Turns out, it comes out tomorrow!  Prince’s estate is releasing an album called, ‘Piano and a Microphone 1983’.  I heard a few songs and can’t wait to hear the rest.  It’s so exciting to hear this kind of stuff.

I missed a few updates this week and now it’s Friday! What a long week, whew!

Iggy played with a puppy named Compass in the park last night.  This is what he’s like after running around.

That makes me happy. I love to see my guy run!

While I quickly edited Iggy panting I rewatched the unedited footage from yesterday where I’m riding a bike. My sister-in-Law and nephew Erin/Peter were on a bike ride and dropped in. I had already written about riding my bike and when I saw Erin’s bike, I knew I had to ride it. I ran inside to get my phone, gave it to Peter and made magic happen. Here’s the unedited footage:

I just enjoyed the orders I barked at Peter. You’d think it was the most important video in the world! Ha ha ha.

I started watching ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show’ this weekend. Very funny.  It’s on Netflix…everything is on Netflix.

I’m a little concerned because I think America didn’t give Burt Reynolds a proper send off. My favorite Burt Reynolds movie? 1978’s ‘Hooper’, about Hollywood stuntmen. Also very strong is 1989’s ‘Breaking In’, about small-time criminals. How can I not mention ‘Smokey and the Bandit’? I was trying to be cool and not go the obvious route. I enjoyed Burt’s work.

Poison ivy update: Friday night I scratched my rash and some dead skin came off (I know, gross)…so, like an idiot, I scratched some more! It felt so good! Then I took a shower. Then I put on the ointment. OUCH! Not smart! But now it looks better and feels better. This is the last you’ll hear about my poison ivy.

Random thought: I could never have lived in the wild west because there was too much spitting.

Time for a new feature to BB.com, Bob Learns Something New Everyday. Today I’d like to know the French word for licorice. It’s réglisse.

Saturday night Cara and I had dinner at a local seafood shack. The outside tables were very low and the chairs were very high. It was funny. I was sitting there, hunched over my meal. I looked like Rodin’s the thinker (except I’m out-of-shape and eating a fried sandwich).

But the food was good. Cara had a lobster roll and I had a fried clam sandwich. I was going to get an oyster po’boy but the order taker said without mayo there’s not much to it. I hate mayo. I also hate yogurt and sour cream. I don’t know why my aversion is so strong. I will have an aioli but it has to have a strong flavor, like sriracha. Anyway, we had a fun little adventure.

I was thinking I was going to go for a bike ride on Sunday. Then I thought, what am I going to do, just ride around? Where am I going to go? There has to be something better to do. I don’t have a bike helmet. I should probably have one. Now I’m thinking about selling my bike. On second thought…I went for a bike ride after all: