I spent Saturday raking leaves.

After hours and hours I bagged up 10 big bags.

That’s crazy. I listened to music to pass the time. My raking leaves music of choice is Iron Maiden’s Live After Death. It’s such a good live album! Cara and I had a lovely sushi dinner on Saturday.

Sunday can be summed up with this video of Iggy:

Have a great day/week.

I have a cold.  How/Why?  Monday I was in Florida where it was 87 degrees.  Tuesday I was back on Long Island where it was in the 30’s.  Toss in a person hacking up their lungs on on flight and there you go.  But I will survive!

What I almost didn’t survive, yes that’s an exaggeration, was yesterday’s snowstorm.  The forecast was for 1 to 3 inches…we got 6 inches of heavy, wet snow.  So it caught everybody by surprise.  By the time the plows came out it was too late.  I saw a lot of accidents and a lot of people driving like idiots.  I was happy to get home.

You know who loved the snow?  Iggy!

Before I go, how about one more photo from Disney? This is a selfie I took in front of Epcot. The food and wine festival was going on. We had a good time.

If you look at the green arrow you can see Cara in the background. Today is Cara’s birthday! Happy Birthday! xoxo.

Where have I been?  Here’s a hint:

Ha ha.  That’s right, We went to Walt Disney World!  Long story short, we had a great time!

This time I made sure I stayed hydrated!  I don’t know if you remember but I fainted by the Frozen ride a few years ago.  This time around I drank a ton of water!  I must have visited every restroom in WDW, ha ha!  Here’s a photo of my return to the spot where I fainted:

Not this time! Have a great day!

Whoa, sunset is at 4:44 PM!  I know that’s what happens when we set our clocks back but yuk.  I don’t like it.  Iggy was ready.

He wore an illuminated collar last night.  Smart boy!

Where have I been?  I don’t know.  Where have YOU been?!  The weekend is over.  Highlight:  Gaining an hour!  Lowlight:  I was putting together our new bed and getting rid of the old one.  I thew one of the old box springs out the front door and crushed Cara’s mums.  I couldn’t even hide the damage.  She witnessed the whole thing.  I was in the zone.  The stupid zone.  The weekend did get better.  We like our new bed.  I bagged A LOT of fu@king leaves!  Good Lord!  Next year I’m cutting down all the trees.  Or gluing the leaves so they don’t fall.  Thankfully I had help:

Iggy, you’re a good one!  Have a great day/week.

BobBorden.com is 18 years old today. That is nuts! Here’s the first thing I ever posted on bb.com:

“Happy Halloween! OK, story time. When I was in the 6th grade I went trick or treating. I was with my older brother, George and his friends. We were walking around and I said let’s go over here. Over here was a dark row of apartments with no lights. They said no Bob; there’s no one there. I didn’t believe it and went anyway and they went to the next house. Now, I must tell you I was dressed like a devil and had on one of those rubber masks that you can’t see out the sides. The guys were yelling at me to come on and I walked towards the sidewalk and this big blonde kid dressed like an Indian came from no where and stole my bag of candy. I was standing there with the bag handles watching my candy run away. I cried and cried. Years later in Hoboken, some punks hit me in the head with an egg. To make a long story short, I think Halloween blows. Please send candy now!”

This weekend felt very short, right? We had a storm here, so I guess spending all day inside Saturday didn’t help. The storm wasn’t bad, just annoying. Flooding and sideways rain. Iggy’s favorite beach was crazy too!

There was no beach, just waves! Such is life.

Last weekend I was in Ohio to see my niece’s homecoming. I drove. I wanted to fly but waited too long and the tickets were crazy! I rented a car.

It was a new Toyota Camry! Isn’t it the most popular car in the world? It was a little underpowdered but not a dealbreaker. It had a 14.5 gallon gas tank. I averaged around 34 miles per gallon. I thought that was pretty great. Any downside to this rental? Well, it smelled like vanilla. It was strong. Like someone was always blowing it in my face, strong. In the middle of my trip I had to get one of these:

Yes, soon after opening the classic royal pine air freshener it became too piney! But it was still an improvement over the vanilla. Yuk.

As you saw in Monday’s video, we had a great time. It was a quick trip. Too quick.

I had a great time shopping with my Mom.

Had a great post homecoming dinner.

And a great drive back with my new friend.

Friday: Long Island to Ohio, 454 miles, delayed by 1 hour due to GWB traffic.
Sunday: Ohio to NJ (to visit my Aunt/Uncle), then back Long Island, 460 miles, delayed over an hour trying to get through the Lincoln Tunnel.
Fri/Sat/Sun: Over 900 miles driven.
Monday/Tuesday: Super tired! Ha ha.