I have a feeling no one knows bb.com is back. I mean, this is HUGE news! Before Twitter, before Facebook, before the internet, there was BobBorden.com!  Ha ha.

I’m looking forward to getting my new glasses. It’s a new face. I was going to get blue frames. From a distance they look black. Up close, blue. Why did I change my mind? I had flashbacks to the 8th grade when I had red frames.  People said I looked like Sally Jessy Raphael. Kids and adults can be cruel.

Guess what I just got my hands on? 2016’s hottest toy, the NES Classic!

It sold out in 2016. People were reselling them on eBay for crazy money. I said, no way, buddy. I waited and waited and waited. It’s pretty good! Same gameplay as the original. And it’s so small! Good stuff. I just need the time to play it.

Last week I ate a lobster roll. I ordered it for dinner at Dockside Bar & Grill in Sag Harbor. I’ve had it before but forgot about it. I consider it more of a lunch item. But when I was looking at the menu I realized it was $30. That’s an entree all day long!

Now it’s all I can think about. Everything is great at Dockside so that’s saying something. What I love the most about this roll is no mayo! I hate mayo. Counting the days until we meet again. Ha ha.

A couple of weeks ago I got sick of social media. I quit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I was back a week later. What did I learn? I was missing out. I’m indirectly involved in seeing what’s going on with family and friends. Then I got to thinking, if I can’t live 100% offline I might as well go 100% all in! BobBorden.com is back! I haven’t posted in a couple of years. What have you missed? Not much. I’m getting new glasses, lol! Here’s a photo I took with the salesman:

So, there you go. More to come.

R.I.P. Nick Menza. This video is great!

I hope your weekend is as exciting as riding on this:

Folding chair with duct taped skateboards.
Folding chair with duct-taped skateboards.

iggybrickWheaten Terriers are known to be loyal, playful, smart and are excellent in the art of parkour.

All good things must end. The great weekend I was having crashed and burned on Sunday when my car crapped the bed.

[File photo]
[File photo]
Cara and I were returning from pie shopping when my radio went on and off and my dashboard warning lights lit up like a Christmas tree! I’m not mechanic but I’m guessing it’s my alternator.  The garages were closed so we were going to just drive home.  But then the car wouldn’t start at all. We borrowed another car but now I have to get my car fixed without being with my car. Ugh. I think I have it figured it out. But it’s a pain. No worries. I got my weekend back on track with the help of a comical t-shirt.
drinkodemayoWell, Cara and I thought it was funny.

Have a great day!

Yesterday was fun! Why? Road trip! Walter, Iggy and myself loaded into a smallish rental car and drove east! Iggy had no space but was a total champ!
bobwalteriggyWalter lives out west so I was happy to get to hang out for another day. We ate some BBQ and ended our journey at K-Mart.
walterbobkmartGood stuff! Safe travels, Walter!

Have a great weekend.