Man, I’ve been going, going, going! Over the weekend I drove to Steubenville. Emma (niece) had her Homecoming, so I wanted to go. It was fun…watch (I’m too tired to type everything!):

Emma didn’t win but she is the best! Fun times!

Friday is here!  I did something fun yesterday….Walter and I attended a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live in Brooklyn!

Behind Walter is an old Late Show friend, Rodney. Great guy. When I started out in the mailroom of the Late Show we were on the same floor. Super nice guy.

After the show we hit up a Spanish place and saw another Late Show acquaintance, Jill Leiderman.

Fun times. Last, here’s where Walter and I sat during the show:

Great show! Fun night! Thanks Walter and thanks, Jill!

Guess what was yesterday? My birthday! I didn’t have time to post anything Sunday night because the party was in FULL SWING! Where did we go? Benihana, baby! Watch:

Corny alert: When I watch that little video I think, wow, I have a great family. I told you I was going to get corny!

Here’s what I learned from my dinner at Benihana…I LOVE IT! So much fun!

Have a great day!

Whoa! Have I really not posted an update since Tuesday?! Because of the holiday on Monday my Tuesday felt like a Monday. That made me super tired on Wednesday. On Thursday I just said, F it! Ha ha. Currently listening to:

The B-52’s! This is such a great record. Great guitar!

I was going to write more but I just went down a YouTube wormhole. I started off watching The B-52’s live in 1978 and ended up on this:


Maybe the only good thing about coming back from vacation:

This guy. He was guarding my sister-in-law’s family. He was very tired when we got back. #TheBest

Vacation is almost over. Boooo! We were in Florida last week, fun. We ended our vacation with a bang! We saw Eric Clapton, Gary Clark Jr. and Jimmie Vaughn last night! So good! Here’s a short clip:

Have a great day!

I leave you this week with a review of our rental car, a 2018 Kia Soul.  Long story short, I loved it!

Have a great weekend!