It took six houses of following the mailman but Iggy’s persistence finally paid off.

(This has been a rare Saturday update. Carry on.)

Are you ready for the weekend?! Our tree is up and it’s time to rock! (No idea what that means.)

You know the dumb photo of myself you see when you first log on to It was taken as an Apple Live Photo. I just turned it into a short video clip. If you’re reading this on a home computer, it should play endlessly. Very dumb.

Look at this magazine I saw at the barbershop.

Ha ha. It’s SO specific! When I was a kid my barber had a stack of Playboys! Times have changed.

Have a great weekend!

This weekend went WAY TOO FAST. Yuk. But it was a good one. Saturday night, dinner with Walter, Nancy, Susie and Eric.

We ate paella, delish!

Iggy took me on a couple of crazy long walks! He loves the cold weather. Whatever he wants. He is the best! Here’s a short video from Sunday morning:

Have a great week.

Cara and I saw Lindsey Buckingham last night. I’ve always wanted to see him live. He’s a great musician. Last night didn’t disappoint…he was on his game. That said, there were more than a few songs I never heard before. But is that bad? I don’t want to hear just the greatest hits either. Well, maybe I did last night, ha ha! He was worth a Tuesday night outing. The audience was filled with some oddballs. There was ‘crinkle his M & M bag loudly guy,’ ‘have to use the restroom way too much woman’ and sitting in front of us, the world’s WORST concert photographer!

Every photo she took was blurry as hell! Every video needed heavy tweaking. Sadly, I’m used to people recording concerts. I just can’t imagine the things she recorded will be watchable. Speaking of weirdos wasting their time recording concerts…here’s a 15 second clip I recorded. It’s unwatchable as well.

Ha ha. Have a great day!

I had a good weekend.

Saturday morning the trash guys took ALL my leaves.  I had another round of 10 bags.  I was thrilled to get rid of them…thrilled!  Later I took Iggy to a fancy dog park.  Really, it’s a famous landmark that now has a dog park, ha ha.  He played with other dogs and then we walked down to the beach.

He was so excited.  Saturday night Cara and I got some sushi delivered.  After dinner I was craving something sweet.  I had nothing in the house.  Cara reminded me that we have marshmallows.  Eureka!  I wish I could get off of sugar but it is very, very tough.

Sunday I did some chores and chilled out with Iggy.

Awwwww, he’s so good!  Have a good week!

I hate backseat drivers but in this case I’ll make an exception. #HappyFridayHappyWeekend