It’s Friday!  I didn’t have anything to post yesterday so…I didn’t post anything, ha ha.  Come to think of it, I don’t have anything post today either!  This weekend my goal is go on a little bike ride.  Walking Iggy is my only form of exercise.

I need something else.  I don’t even like riding my bike.  I have a constant fear someone will run me over.  I’d go on longer walks with Iggy but this humidity is not his friend.  I guess I could walk by myself, ha ha.

Have a great weekend!

I opened my mailbox last night and saw an advertisement for all kinds of skin ailments.

Blurred for your protection

WTF?!  The last thing I thought I’d see in my mailbox is a zit-y guy!  How many people find their doctors through these cheap advertisements?  Seriously, HOW MANY!!!???


I like Special K with red berries.

BUT I wish the sliced strawberries were cut up.  The flakes to berries ratio is totally messed up!  The first half of the box is great.  Second half…all flakes.  Every spoonful should taste like berries.

How was my day yesterday?  You know how you look up and get startled by a big spider in the corner?  That’s what my whole day was like.  Start to finish.  Ugh.

On Friday I promised you before/after photos of Iggy’s haircut. Here ya go:

He’s a cute bastard.

How was my weekend?! Off the chain! On Saturday we went to a winery. It was raining so we figured, why not drink?! Here’s a photo I had NO IDEA my sister-in-law took:
I was in the process of tasting the oak notes. Delish!
Sunday I had a lovely lunch, drove through a rain storm and chilled out. Have a great day!

Friday weather update: Hot, humid and F-ing unbearable! But, it is August, right? I guess I’ll calm down.

Just saw a commercial for French yogurt. I hate yogurt. The tangy smell makes me ill. My point? Greek yogurt is so popular, now the French are trying to get a piece of the pie! I ask, what’s wrong with good old American yogurt?! Am I right?! USA USA USA! (Ha ha. I don’t know anything about yogurt and don’t care.)

I leave you this week with another video of your favorite dog, Iggy! The sound of the phone hurts his ears and he howls. Very cute. He’s getting a haircut today. Before and after photos on Monday. (How’s that for a tease?!)

UPDATE: Just saw this at the market…

It’s body wash and its scent is Greek yogurt! WTF?!!!!

I have a great excuse for not posting yesterday…I have a feeling nobody gives a crap. Ha ha. It is still so humid! I’m so tired!

I can’t stand my iPhone anymore! Its memory fills up SO fast! I’m always getting messages: Memory almost full, memory almost full, memory almost full! Do I need this?! I remember a time when I didn’t have an iphone. In fact, I recently went through the archives and found the time when I got my first cell phone. Good Lord, I thought I was Buck Rogers. If I knew then what I know now, I would have driven my car into the woods and lived in a cave!

Have a lovely day.

I got home last night and grilled fish tacos.  WTF was I thinking?!  It was hot, dishes were everywhere and then I had to clean up.  Never again.  But they were delicious.  Hey, want to see Iggy run into a turtle?

Have a good day.

What do we think about the weekend being over?  Boooooo!  But I had a good one!  Saturday morning it rained so we watched a bunch of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’.  So good.  I just bought a Roku streaming stick.  So the episodes were coming in fast and furious!  A major upgrade from the streamer in my old blu-ray player.  Back to CCC, that show makes me want a small car with a stick shift.  I know driving a stick shift in an automatic world would drive me nuts but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Saturday night I had a great dinner with Cara and our friend, Lauren.  I ordered the most-expensive item on the menu, lobster bucatini!

It was delicious!  After dinner I posed on a red carpet!

The carpet was down for ‘Evita’ but I didn’t see it.  Just saw a good photo op, ha ha.  It might be time to retire that shirt!  I wear it a lot.  Sunday I started my day with coffee.  I’m not a regular drinker…it makes me bounce off the walls!  After breakfast Iggy had a playdate with Lauren’s dog, Augie.

The playdate was good right up until Iggy got overheated.  Ugh.  It’s hard to cool off a dog.  Damn humidity!  Have a good Monday, if possible.