Happy Friday. This is it, my last day to eat crap. I bought some Chuckles last night, they’re a jelly candy, and the guy pointed at them and said, “I like these.” I said, “Yeah, they’re all good.” Just a nice little Hoboken moment for you. My dinner tonight is going to be White Castle. I’m going out with a bang.

I saw one of those “Mini” cars in Hoboken this morning. They’re the kind that Mr. Bean drives, cool. OK, I’m going to cut it short today. To make up for my short diary, I’ll respond to all and any questions you have for me, on my message board.

Friday Cliffhanger: Can Bob stick to his diet? Will Bob meet the girl of his dreams? TUNE IN ON MONDAY TO FIND OUT!!!!!!! Have a great weekend.

Hi. I was really busy at work yesterday. Making travel plans, running around and filling out some forms. It was a good day. I’ve come a long way from my mailroom days. Towards the end of that job I used to carry around an empty box to at least look busy, ha ha. Last night I watched Junkyard Wars on TLC. That’s my new favorite show. They have two teams and they go into a junkyard and build vehicles–among other things–out of junk and race them. Off-road cars, drag racers and last night they built hovercrafts! That’s such a great idea for a show! Anyway, check it out, it’s very entertaining.

It’s Thursday and I only have one more day to enjoy soda before I quit. Last night I mixed cola and Fresca. Yuk. That was a mistake and possibly a cry for help. I’m expanding giving up soda to giving up a lot of things and to start exercising. Walter thinks my “Bob’s Diet” page is a good idea and the more I think about it the more I tend to agree. It could motivate me to stick to my plan. Bob’s Diet will be updated weekly. So, look for that sometime next week. I want to thank Juli for being the first person, other than myself, to purchase a BobBorden.com T-shirt. I was so excited by that news, THANK YOU! Juli also left a very nice message on my message board. There’re some new things on the site today, check out: Things I Found on the Street and Paula’s Notes. And leave a message on the board, I read everything. There are some strange things on that board. OK, that’s it for today. Good day. THIS JUST IN — My boss, Eric Stangel, just bought a T-shirt too! Thanks!

Hello. I watched this show on VH1 last night; they listed the 100 greatest albums of all time. VH1 loves shows about lists! I have to admit, watching that stuff has a direct impact on what I listen to. I have Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen in my CD player right now because one of his albums made the list. I also have it on because it freaking rocks! I’d like to know if sales on those 100 albums increase because of that show.

If you watched last night’s Late Show, they did a thing where they see how many NY Giants can fit into a coffee shop. After the Giants run out, other characters go in. I was the bear. One minute you’re doing your job, the next you’re sweating your butt off in a bear suit. I love it! My web designer, Walter, was a Giant and my other friend Jay, was a cowboy. Sounds like a movie playing in Times Square: The Bear, The Giant and The Cowboy. OK, I know a lot you are going to the BobBorden.com Store but no one has bought anything yet. I’m getting a little worried. I missed the Christmas buying season by a month! Just to let you know, I ordered two shirts and the process was painless. They use a secure server so there’s no worry about getting ripped off. So stop thinking about it and buy. I went for a classic design on the shirts; I think they’re cool. My message board seems to have a life of its own. There’s some weird stuff up there. Do you like message boards? Do you use them? Does it fit on this site? Please let me know, on my message board.

On Friday I told you I switched my phone from 900 MHz to a Trim Line phone from Radio Shack for $9.99. Well, the darn thing never worked right. I took it back, but for $9.99 you’d think that would be a quality item (ha ha). I forgot to tell you something else. Last weekend, Walter and I took a stroll around Koreatown. I bring that up because I didn’t realize how attracted I was to Korean women. I hope it’s not politically incorrect to say that. I just saw a lot of nice looking women down there. I’ll be spending most of my free time down there, waiting for lightning to strike (ha ha).

OK, that’s it! Again, check out the Message Board and leave a message. Have a great day.

Hello. I just checked my hits from yesterday, 210, that’s pretty good for a Monday, plus it was a holiday. I launched BobBorden.com, version 2.0 on a holiday. Not too smart! So, what do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts with others and myself on my message board. I like the message board, it’s fun. I mentioned yesterday that I’m going to give up soda on Friday. Well, I think I’m ready to make a life change. This past weekend, I looked at myself in the mirror, big mistake. I’m as big as ever! I was thinking about adding a new section to the site called “Bob’s Diet” but it would almost be like the Diary because it would contain daily reports and a weekly weigh-in. So, if I have something to say about my personal struggle, I’ll say it here. I’ve always been a big guy and every year for as long as I can remember, I’d say to myself, this is the year. Then, a year would pass without doing anything. I’m 31 and I’m single. The first thing someone sees is how you look and then, if everything else clicks, a relationship can begin. Now, you might say, “Well, if someone isn’t going to like you for you, then they’re not worth it.” Well, speaking from experience, that’s crap! I think I’m a great guy but women can’t see that because I’ve built a wall around myself. On the bus this morning I was sitting in the back and there was a nice looking guy in front of me. I looked out the window and saw a really attractive woman and then I looked at the guy. Who do you think she would look at first: The good-looking guy or the Big Guy? Anyway, you get my point. So, Friday is my day to start my new life. Eating to live, not living to eat. Exercise, taking control of my body before it gets to be too late. I’m glad I got that out.

Last night I watched Elvis on TCM. It was from his 1970 Vegas show, great performance. After that, they showed Jailhouse Rock. He was only 22 when he made that. Amazing! He truly was the King of Rock n’ Roll! That’s it! Have a great day.

Hello, I hope you had a good weekend. Friday, I started to watch The Great Escape, I love that film! However, it took me all weekend to get through it. Saturday, I helped my friend Jay move a TV. TV’s have come a long way, I saw some great units at the store. After that I went to Walter‘s house to work on the site. How do you like BobBorden.com, Version 2.0? I’m really happy with the outcome. Want to tell me something or get your point across? Post a message. You want to buy a BobBorden.com T-shirt, mouse pad or mug? Go to the BobBorden.com store. There’s a lot of stuff in Bob’s Stuff and I’ll be updating Things I Found in the Street, later this week. I got rid of Bob’s Live Webcam also. The site is now tighter, stronger and interactive.

I got up on Saturday at 6am and Sunday at 7am. Sunday I went to a new laundromat. I’m glad I did, it was like doing my laundry in another world. It was cleaner, there were more machines and the staff was friendly. Sunday night I just stayed in and did a little of this and that and some soul searching. I decided to give up soda. I drink too much of it. So, I’m marking Friday as my last day to enjoy the sweet, sweet nectar and calming bubbles that I’ve come to love, respect and fear. 2001 is going to be my year!!!!!

Here’s something that scared the crap out of me – Saturday night after working with Walter, I was waiting in the PATH station for the train. I could see out of the corner of my eye that there was a woman walking back and fourth, it seemed a little odd. She walked a little too close to me and I walked away from the tracks, insane people in New York have a tendency to push people in front of oncoming trains. So, she approached me and started talking to me: “My cousin (I can’t remember how they were related) was the fire chief, you have to work your way up to that you know, and after all the years on the job and seeing all the burning children, the doctor has him on drugs but he likes to have a little nip, so that takes its toll also.” Throughout all this I’m thinking, “Oh my, I’m in danger here.” I just got that bad, bad feeling. After her unprompted speech, I agreed with her and slowly walked away. And she said, “You should show him some respect!” I kept walking, out of her line of sight, to the furthest point away from her. When you’re in the Subway/Path stations, watch your back. Again, I’d like to say thank you to Walter Kim for helping me maintain my vision. I thank him a lot because I wouldn’t have this without him. However, if I ever make money off of this, he’s out–ha ha. Enjoy your day and remember: Nothing says I love you like a BobBorden.com T-shirt, mug and/or mouse pad!

Friday! First, I’d like to thank everybody for the book suggestions. Second, I must come off like a moron because people suggested books like Bathroom Readers and Harry Potter. I’m sure those are good books but I just don’t think they’re my cup of tea. I did read a book not too long ago, Rebuilding The Indian. About this middle aged guy rebuilding his motorcycle. The rebuilding of the bike and events in his life seemed to go hand in hand. I couldn’t put that down. I’ve been meaning to read Dino, about Dean Martin but I can’t seem to get around to it. I guess you have to make time.

I’m talking to my friend “Chad” the other night and I hear someone pick up their phone and start dialing. Some guy and girl talking about dinner arrangements, she suggested Stove Top stuffing – by the way, good choice. If I can hear them, someone sure as heck can hear me and that’s very scary! I’m done with 900-Mhz phones. It always breaks up and it’s supposed to be a secure phone. I went to Radio Shack this morning and picked up a Trim line knock off, $9.99, thank you very much. I’m using 30-year-old technology but it works. If I wanted to talk on the party line I’d move to Hooterville! I’m so angry, AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Internet Acting, thank you.

Yesterday, my boss, Eric, looked through his bag and found some medication that he has never used before. With all the thoughts of what this pill might be, he came up with a good idea. He asked his brother and my other boss, Justin, to take it and see if he felt anything. And Justin took it! It was really a fascinating sociological study. While we still don’t know what the pill does, Justin later said, “I feel tired.” The game is called, “Mystery Pill.”

I’m working on this site this weekend with Walter. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT BOBBORDEN.COM ON MONDAY FOR THE RELAUNCH OF BOBBORDEN.COM, VERISON 2.0 – TELL YOUR FRIENDS. And as an added bonus, to get you to come back I’m going to start something new today – Friday Cliffhangers.

Here it goes: Will Bob meet the girl of his dreams? Can Bob say no to the sweet, sweet taste of alcohol? Can Bob make it out alive?.TUNE IN MONDAY TO FIND OUT!

How was that, pretty cool, huh? Have a good weekend.

A day closer to the weekend – I’m going to get so wasted, ha ha. Hello. Last night I watched Match Game. I said it before and I’ll say it again, great show! On the bus this morning I looked around and it just struck me, all these people are reading books. And I’m sitting there looking out the freaking window like a twelve year old. I should read more. Let me change that, I should read, period. I don’t mind reading it’s just that I like TV so much more. And I can’t imagine reading on the bus, with all that bouncing around. I was in the bookstore this weekend and I looked around but I don’t even know where to start. I haven’t read any of the classics, all the books I own are again, about TV. In high school, I never made it to the advanced classes. My teachers were coaches and every Friday they handed out a ditto of plus and minus problems for us to do and then they drew football plays on the blackboard. However, it’s my fault for being in those classes to begin with. Anyway, riding on the bus for the past five years, the most popular book and someone was reading it this morning, is Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. Maybe I should pick up a copy of that? I did take some of my Dad’s Reader’s Digests last week, they’re great toilet reading, ha ha. However, I can only seem to find one thing that interests me per issue.

Also on the bus today – I always sit in the back. Sometimes, depending on the bus, you have to prop your foot up on the hump. I was walking on needles until I came to work. If that’s the worst thing that happens to me today, it should be a great day.

Have a good one – I almost forgot – TELL YOUR FRIENDS, BOBBORDEN.COM, VERSION 2.0 – IS COMING YOUR WAY ON MONDAY. Good day.

Good Wednesday to everybody. I don’t have a lot to say because I went to bed last night at ten o’clock. Same busy day at work again, which is fine. I did watch Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I love that film. How great was John Candy? Remember SCTV? Good stuff. I liked his role in Stripes as well. As far as our bigger sized actors go, I’d say he ranks right up there with John Goodman or Orson Wells. John Goodman has done some great stuff. The Coen Brothers’ films come to mind: Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski and Barton Fink, to name a few — all great films and great performances.

A few months ago I remember reading a blurb in a magazine about the interior design art of Feng Shui. Feng shui has been called the art of placement. I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the heck it is but I had some down time on Saturday and I Feng Shuied my bed. I believe the magazine said your headboard should face west, why? I don’t know but I did it anyway. It looks stupid because when you walk into my bedroom all you see is the back of my headboard. To cover that up I put my dresser in front of that. My headboard has slots at the top and when I lay down in bed, my cats, sitting on the dresser, think I’m playing a game. These razor sharp claws just start swiping at me for no good reason other than it’s something new. Oh well.

This lady was talking to her neighbor this morning on the bus. Her voice stood out because she sounded like a man — deep with a touch of the New York accent. It was a long ride in. I had to hear all about her job of making knock-off perfume. The lady I was sitting next to was reading a book and she said under her breath, “Shut up, I’m going to shoot myself” pretty funny.

OK, that’s it. Have a good one.