Greetings! Time to get over the hump. You know what I’m saying? I can’t tell you what I did last night. Not because it’s a secret but because I’ve fallen into a rut. I just went home and flipped through the channels. I should make it a point to do something tonight. However, that usually means money is involved. Nothing’s free, my Dad taught me that. It took me 31 years to realize it, ha ha.

Yesterday was really busy at work. There was always something going on. My car is still in the shop. In Hoboken that means my car is sitting on the street waiting for a part. That reminds me, I saw a bunch of actors lined up around the block waiting for a chance to make it big. Last week I said I started going to a new bank. Well, I made the right move because the tellers are hot! I think that’s how I’m going to make all future decisions. Hot vs. Not Hot. As my friend Paula says, “You’re an idiot.” OK, I’m going to get to work.

Before I say good day, I wanted to give a shout out to my Dad. He checks this out everyday. What’s up?! OK, have a good day.

My car is going to cost $290 to get fixed. It needs a battery and some sort of computer chip. I’m always going to have that car. It’s my curse. Remember I told you about I canceled from them last week. They just sent 3 e-mails saying they didn’t get their DVDs back yet. I sent them back a day after I got them! What a horrible service. I wrote them back and said now you know how I felt!

I just flipped the channels last night and talked on the phone. That’s it. I’m going to cut it short today and figure out where I’m going to squeeze $290 from.

Have a good day.

My only human interaction this weekend was when I said thank you to the cashier at the A & P. And I only talked to 3 people on the phone. I didn’t set out to live this weekend in isolation, it just happened. My downfall, if you can call it that, was on Friday. In preparation for The Sopranos premiere next month, I ordered HBO. When you order HBO on DirecTV, you don’t just get HBO. You get 5 HBOs, 4 Starz and some other stuff. I saw A Star is Born two times! I can’t remember what else I saw, it’s a blur. There was always something on. It was awesome. I did my laundry and went to the A & P on Saturday. Sunday, I went for an hour walk and picked up some live tunes by my “new” favorite band, The Clash.

My car didn’t get fixed because the garage was backed up. So, I took it in this morning. It was fine on the weekend. It may just need a tune-up. The only maintenance I do is get the oil changed. It has probably been two or three years since it got a tune-up. And probably just as long since I washed it. You can’t polish a turd. I’ve always had an emotional attachment towards automobiles. However, that attachment died when my car started to rust and was damaged by hail. Vandalism and punks sitting on my car didn’t help either.

I always tell this story; I was walking home and saw some punk kids sitting on my car, you know what I did? I just kept on walking. I own the car; it doesn’t own me. So, that’s it. Movies, movies and more movies. A lot of the movies were ones that I used to own. I’ve sold off about half of my DVD collection. I went crazy buying/collection DVDs. If I haven’t watched it in four months, I probably never will. So, sell it. I’m going to take the money and put it towards a “new” car, someday. Have a great President’s Day!

Friday! Hello. I took my car into the shop this morning. He doubts they can get to it today but he’s going to try. It started right up, DAMN THAT CRAZY MACHINE!!!!! It probably just needs a good old fashion tune-up, I hope. The bus ride in this morning was a joy. It was a newer bus. The windows were sealed so it was climate controlled. The seats contoured to your body and it was clean! Also, the bus was full but mysteriously quiet. New Jersey Transit did right by me today. I cheated on my diet last night. I had a bag of cheese curls. I wanted them, so I had them. There was no stopping me. My friends went out to get a drink after the show and I wasn’t up for it because I don’t drink anymore. I think that’s why I did it. What’s the point of going to a bar a having a Diet Coke? I was talking to my friend Pam yesterday and we both agree that the best diet drink out there is Diet Dr. Pepper. I listened to a lot of music last night. My friend Tom brought in The Best of The Clash for me. I can’t get enough of them this week. You have to get their London Calling album. My guest speaker series has exceeded my expectations. We had to close down the message board at one point because of all the postings. Oh, before I forget, I’m going to be hosting a chat in my Chat Room at 9 PM EST, so tell your friends. OK, back to the guest series. To finish off the week I’ve invited someone familiar to fans of, Paula. Take it away Paula…

Wow! My own little snippet on Making the daily diary is quite an honor and a privilege. Enormous responsibility – Holy crap — I can’t handle the pressure! Millions of people reading this and I have nothing to say. How totally embarrassing! Almost as embarrassing as the time I went tubing down the Delaware River with friends, slipped out of my tube, couldn’t get up, then finally had to walk backwards in flippers with my bathing suit stuck up the crack of my ass. Oh, did I mention that unfortunately there were pictures? Well, there were. So, thanks for this great honor.

As usual, Disclaimer: The views expressed by Paula do not necessarily reflect the views of

OK, thanks, Paula. That’s quite the visual, isn’t it? Next week, I’ve lined up my brother, George. He has a lot to say about Heavy Metal in a modern society – As always, checkout his site, Now, it’s time for Bob’s Weekend Cliffhangers!

Will Bob stick to his diet?
Can Bob still be social without drinking?
Will Bob’s car get fixed at a reasonable rate?
Will Bob meet the girl of his dreams?
Can Bob finish his rock opera about the plight of the ant?

TUNE IN MONDAY TO FIND OUT!!!!! Have a good one.

This just in: Walter just informed me that I don’t have a chat room. So I won’t be in it tonight, sorry.

Hello. I didn’t do much last night. I watched High Noon but fell asleep halfway through. I got up, listened to music and then I went to bed. Quite the exciting Valentine’s Day! I didn’t say it yesterday because I didn’t want to influence anybody else’s day: I think Valentine’s Day sucks! A holiday to tell someone that you care about them? As my Uncle Ron would say, “Come on!” If I find someone I’m sure as heck not going to wait for February 14th to express my love. Sweet lord let me find someone! I’d like to say Happy Birthday to my friend Tiffany. Happy Birthday! She’s having a get together tonight but I can’t make because I’m working late. Is there anything else? I think that’s it for now. In keeping with my guest speaker series this week, I asked Mike McIntee, Wahoo Gazette, to add his two cents. OK, here’s Mike’s Two Cents. Have a good day.

Hello everyone. I would like to take a second to thank Bob Borden for this fantastic opportunity to speak to you. The internet is a wonderful thing. It truly does create the Global Village I learned about in high school. And now, my slice of New York story.

My wife Denise and I were to meet a couple from California for dinner in New York City. We did not know them at all. They were friends of friends. Denise had gotten them and us tickets to the Rush Limbaugh TV Show that ran for a couple of years and they wanted to treat us to dinner. Since the price was right, we accepted. The restaurant was on the East Side of Manhattan; the Rush Limbaugh show was staged on the West Side. After the show, I we got into my car and we drove to the East Side, 50th Street just before Lexington. It was the holiday season and traffic was chaotic, even for Manhattan. The guy from California reads out the address, 247 E. 50th Street. As we approached the location, I see a parking spotright in front of 247 E. 50th Street. I figure there must be a hydrant there or it’s a No Parking Zone. I halfway pull into the spot and get out of my car to find out why the spot was open. I could find no signs. I could find no hydrant. The doorman to the building next to the restaurant gives a yell, “The spot’s fine.” I quickly parallel park RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE RESTAURANT and the four of us walk inside. I am so excited and can barely contain myself. I tell my new friends what a find the parking space was but they’re not too impressed. I go on and on to Denise about the parking spot but she shoots me a dirty look as if I was embarrassing her. I get up to go to the bathroom just to tell somebody, a waiter, a diner, a bartender, about my parking spot right in front of the restaurant. Since they are all New York City dwellers, they don’t own a car so they can’t appreciate my luck. I am beside myself. I sit back down and try to enjoy my dinner. All I wanted to do was talk about the spot. They wanted to talk about Limbaugh and the magnificent city of New York. After dinner Denise offers them a ride back to their hotel, 20 blocks away. As we get into the car, I stand outside hating to give up the spot. But I had to. It was the greatest parking spot I ever found in Manhattan. It happened ten years ago and I still get tingles thinking about it.
Thank you for listening to my story.

I ride the bus with my headphones on now. People can talk, chew gum with their mouths open or talk on cell phones and I could care less! I listen to The Clash‘s London Calling album in total pleasure. I wonder what it was like during the recording of that record. Did they get along? Did they record in the same room? How long did the sessions last? They made a record 20 years ago and it’s better than anything put out today.

It’s St. Valentine’s Day, who gives a crap! I don’t want to send out negative vibes, but that day has just never worked out for me. Valentine’s Day is great if you have someone but I got nothing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m happy, I just think it would be nice to care about someone and actually have her care back. Is that asking too much? I was just going to go on this big rant about how it’s the city and everybody is on the fast track but the truth is–it’s me. I haven’t made myself available. I built a wall of flesh around myself and blamed “them” for not wanting to go out with me. It’s funny the lies we tell ourselves, isn’t it? Ha, freaking, ha! Hey, here’s some good news; I didn’t get a parking ticket yesterday. I’m going to take my car in the shop this weekend to see what the problem is. Please don’t let it cost $500, PLEASE! J and D wrote to me about yesterday. They said they didn’t have such a good experience. So I canceled it today. I’m not sure how I’m going to rent DVDs now? Getting them and sending them back in the mail is a pain. I registered with a cool website today, They let you drive a car for two years, for free. You pay for gas and insurance. The only catch is, you have to advertise something on your car. For instance, let’s say Starbucks wants to advertise with, they wrap your car in one big ad. You become a rolling endorsement of a product. And you get a car for two years. I think it’s a pretty good deal. Have you seen my car? Anyway, I’m sure there’re hundreds of thousands of people ahead of me. I’m just grasping at straws. OK, that’s it. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, I’m going to go home tonight and cry myself to sleep. I almost forgot. I enjoyed Walter’s Woody Allen story so much yesterday that I asked my friend Jay to submit something today. It’s a new feature to my site and I call it Jay Recommends… Each week or whenever he feels like it, Jay will recommend a DVD for you to view. OK, so here’s Jay:

Thanks, Bob, for inviting me to contribute a DVD review to your site. Given yesterday’s Academy Award nominations and Steven Soderbergh’s history-making nominations (two for Best Director and two for Best Picture), I was ready to go with an enthusiastic DVD review of one of his recent films that has gone largely overlooked, “The Limey.”However, after finishing my review I made the awful mistake of seeing the new movie“Hannibal.” Now, I’m a big fan of horror movies as much as the next guy and I’ve never been that bothered by the fake movie gore (“Fangoria,” anyone?), but this pretentious piece of crap crossed the line and managed to be both offensive and stomach churning in equal doses. Basically, for the first time in my movie-going history I came this close to losing my popcorn and the only thing that kept me from walking out was the fear of losing it on the way out of the theater. This is supposed to be entertainment? Forget it. Stay at home and, instead, let me recommend another DVD that’s suitable for the entire family: “Fantasia 2000.” Great animation, fantastic music, a bit of humor from Steve Martin, stunning video and audio quality, and that trademark wholesome quality from the folks at Disney. You can’t go wrong.

That’s all. Except to say “Thank you, Bob” and to wish my boy Stevie good luck on Oscar night.

For ten minutes this morning all I did was try to turn my car over. No dice. It’s still sitting there, mocking me. I guess it’s better to pay a $20 parking ticket than to buy a new battery. The bus was in traffic for about 30 minutes–30 long minutes. We slowly drove by a sign that read, “Are you tired of working?” My answer to myself was yes, yes I am but as I read on, the sign didn’t offer me a viable alternative. So, work it is.

My friend Paula (Paula’s notes) has a friend that she always says nice things about. So, it comes to mind, why not fix me up with this nice person? I won’t say her name out of respect–screw it–her name is Marly. Anyway, I come to find out that Marly won’t even think about going out with me because of my cats. She’s deathly allergic. That sucks eggs! I do a good deed and adopt my cats from the grips of certain death and I’m being punished. Lord, what have I done to reap your sweet vengeance? It gets me so angry I could scream, AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Internet Acting, thank you. I’m renting DVDs via Last night I watched Grand Illusion. Dumb me; I didn’t know it was a foreign film. I like foreign films but I wasn’t in the mood last night. I watched about 75% of it and then fell asleep. I’m going to take my car in and they’re going to say “Looks like you need a new Johnson rod, that’s going to cost $500, plus labor and that will bring you to $750.” I know it; I can feel it! My friend Walter did something interesting last night. His wife took him to see Woody Allen play. I’m going to say goodbye and put Walter on so he can tell you about a true New York experience or story, ha ha. Here’s Walter

Thanks, Bob. Last night I went to see Woody Allen perform with his New Orleans Jazz Band and it was incredible. This was my birthday dinner/gift from my wife. We headed over to the Cafe Carlyle and was met by the captain or maitre’d. The first thing I noticed about this guy was that he seemed like he was waiting for me to slip him some cash or something, but I didn’t. Needless to say, he put us in a seat that was slightly behind the stage and I started to get angry. I asked him to move us, but he said that the only other seat he had was all the way on the other side of the room and that the view wouldn’t be much better. THE PLACE WAS EMPTY AT THIS POINT! It took me a second to calm down, but eventually I decided to relax and enjoy the evening. There were a lot of foreigners there, especially the French. Anyway, dinner was okay (steak was luke warm and the fries looked like they were frozen Ore-Ida fries). Around 8:30, the rest of the band is on stage and in place, just waiting for Woody. About 8:40, there’s a commotion in the back and I could see Woody entering the room. But instead of heading to the stage, he sat down at a table. I thought he was going to eat dinner or something,but I realized he was putting together his clarinet. Anyway, Woody finally got on stage and played with the band for about an hour. It was New Orleans jazz music and they sounded great. As my wife said, “I defy anyone to listen to this music and sit still” and I agree. There was a trombone player, a trumpet player, a banjo player, a piano player, a drummer and a guy playing the upright bass. After an hour, the rest of the band left and just Woody and the banjo player played for about a half an hour. Really intimate and cool setting. They did like three encores. After each encore, Woody would quickly start putting away his clarinet, but the crowd would cheer him on and eventually he’d give in and play some more. At one point I saw him mouth to the banjo player, “I’ve got to go home!” My wife pointed out an interesting fact: Woody wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Anyway, it was a great “New York” experience and I highly recommend it to anyone living in or visiting New York. My advice: just go for drinks and the music, don’t go for dinner. It’s way overpriced and not that good. I would l like to give a shout out to Bob for giving me a forum to talk about my life, hopes and dreams. And be sure to visit It’s not very good right now, but I’m working on a redesign!

I had a great weekend. Friday, I saw O Brother, Where Art Thou. Really great film. The last film I saw was a couple months ago, it was called Requiem for a Dream. That was the most depressing film I’ve ever seen. It turned me off of films for a long time. The Coen brothers brought me back! When I got home The Spanish Prisoner was on TV. Great film. I was up till 2 am. Saturday, I was lazy. I got up at 12 and watched another movie, The Man Who Knew Too Much. That was a good one. Saturday night, I went out to dinner to celebrate Walter’s birthday. I had a really good time. I had a salad with chicken and a diet Coke. Remember last week when Walter spilled his water in my lap? You guessed it, the same thing happened this week but it was Nancy’s brother, Paul. However, I sharpened my reflexes from last week and didn’t get wet. We ended up at a bar and I stayed on the wagon. We tried to go bowling but there was a long wait. Sometimes I look at Manhattan and I ask, “What have they done to my city?” A wait list for bowling, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Also on Saturday, while driving through the Lincoln Tunnel my radio didn’t fade out. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE RADIO IN THE TUNNEL NOW! That’s so crazy. Sunday, I did the usual: laundry, A & P and cleaned the apartment. I also bought some new shirts. I’m wearing a new outfit today. I feel so special, ha ha. Today, the usual bus ride in. I hope you had a great weekend.