Worked until 8 pm last night, that’s a usual Thursday for us. I got home and played Walter’s Playstation for the last time. I returned it this morning. Man, that was fun but what a waste of time! I played a lot of games in my life. My brother, George, and I grew up in an arcade. We knew the manager by name! It was great fun. I talked to my friend Tiffany on the phone last night. We haven’t talked in a few weeks. She’s doing well.

AMC, I think, was showing Local Hero last night. That’s a great film. I would describe it as a sleeper hit. I don’t have any plans for the weekend. I’m just going to hang out and see what comes my way. I’ll probably go over to Walter’s and play Playstation baseball. I have to win sometime, right? I think I’ll try another team. I’ve only been the Pittsburgh Pirates to this point. I love the Steelers and the Pirates, but I keep getting my butt kicked by the Giants. I may switch to the Yankees. Well, if you’re still reading this after my video game thoughts, good for you because that may be the most boring thing I’ve ever written. I’m going to open up a savings account today. I want to start saving for a new car. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car but if something goes wrong with it I’m not sure I want to sink another $500 into it. I like the Toyota Echo. It’s cheap, small and the speedometer is in the center of the dash.

Time for Bob’s Weekend Cliffhangers:
Will Bob win at Playstation baseball?
Can Bob stick to his diet?
Will Bob find the girl of his dreams?
Will Bob’s car keep going?
Can Bob still stay on the wagon?


Have a great weekend.

Hello. I received a good message on my message board about my diet yesterday. So, I’d like to talk about that. It’s going great. It’s a protein diet. I can eat chicken, meat, eggs and all the vegetables I want! It was hard to get used to that big change in my eating. I’m used to enjoying Chuckles candy, not sucking on a celery stick. After a few weeks, I find it hard to believe how much I was stuffing myself. My old breakfast was a bagel with butter and a granola bar. Now, I have egg whites and some fiber cereal. My old lunch was pizza, McDonald’s, anything quick and bad. Now I have soup or a salad — and the crazy thing is, it fills me up! My old dinner could have been anything but it was usually a big meal. Pasta, penne vodka, rolls…you name it. Now, I have a salad with chicken or steak. There are variations to everything, that’s not all I eat but that should give you a good idea what I’m doing. I have very little bread and pasta, just enough so I can have it for the rest of my life. Meaning, I don’t want to cut it out completely because if I have it again in the future, I want my body to be used to it. The part of my plan that isn’t going well is exercise. I need to start walking. However, because of snow or my cold or just plain being tired, I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I also haven’t been weighing myself. I just don’t want to watch the scale. I’ll get on it in about a month–the scale, ha ha. Anyway, that’s about it for today. I had a good commute on the bus yesterday and today.

Today is Walter’s birthday! As you know, Walter is my friend and web designer. Happy Birthday, dawg! Have a good day.

What a glorious day in New Jersey/New York! The sun is out, the birds are singing. OK, enough of that. I’ll be honest; I’ve got nothing today–nothing.

I borrowed Walter’s Playstation and I got hooked on video games again. My nights are spent blowing things up. I have to give it back. OK, I’m going to work. I’ll have a better diary tomorrow. Don’t forget to buy a shirt at the store. Enjoy your day!

Hoboken was a winter wonderland last night. I love it when the trees are covered with snow. It was hard to start my car again this morning; I have to get that looked at. On the bus last night, I sat next to two people that recently took a trip together; they didn’t know each other very well. I know this because they went through every painful, boring detail of this ski trip that the guy put together. Did I say painful? I meant to say, PAINFUL! I may start using my Walkman on the bus again. That’s pretty much it.

I’m doing well on my diet. I don’t get as hungry between meals as I did on the first week. People are starting to see a change. I can’t see it yet. It has always been hard for me to “see” what I look like. I guess that’s how I got in this mess to begin with, ha ha. That’s it! Have a good day.

Hello. I hope everyone had a good weekend. Friday night, I can’t remember what I did?! Saturday, I helped Walter move a TV stand. We were all going to go out that night for dinner. So, I hung out with Walter and Nancy all day. Walter and I played Playstation Baseball. Man, that was fun. He kicked my butt! I sold all my video games over a year ago. I forgot how much fun that was.

So, we all go out to dinner. Our table wasn’t ready, so we went to the bar. I ordered a Diet Coke and they had drinks and appetizers. That crap looked good but I knew I couldn’t have it and I didn’t. We get a table; I’m enjoying the nice place, and good friends. The waitress brings over some salsa and chips. Walter picks up the salsa and moves it closer to my end of the table and knocks over my ice-cold water, right into my lap! I was in shock. Everyone was asking me if I was okay. I said, yes, I’m fine, but I wasn’t fine. He nailed me; my underwear was soaked! After a minute, I said, I have to go. And that was my dinner. A half-hour later I’m sitting on my sofa enjoying a Healthy Choice frozen dinner. Such is life.

Sunday, I cleaned my apartment and just hung out. That’s all I got. Have a great Monday.

Friday! I’m going to sleep, sleep, sleep! Got home last night and watched a little Shawahank Redemption on TNT. That’s a modern classic! Then I listened to music. The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. I have the box set of that album. I love listening to take after take of the recording session. You can hear Brian Wilson giving direction to the musicians; it’s so great! I wasn’t on the show last night like I thought I would be. So maybe next week, I’ll let you know. Hey, a quick program note: Watch the Late Show tonight! Jack Black(actor/musician) gives the best interview I’ve seen in a long time–very funny. OK, that’s it; I’m going to cut it short.

Hey, with the shorter diary today you probably have some free time. PLUG – Why not go to the store and buy a mug or a shirt? Remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Have a great weekend!

Good day. I think my cold is starting to break. My sense of smell came back a little and my throat doesn’t hurt as much. However, when I have an orange the citrus burns. It’s way too early to tell butI may be on TV tonight. Check my message board around 5:30/6:30 for the final word.

I watched Office Space last night. Funny film, but the ending left a lot to be desired. After that I checked out the Game Show Network and I’m glad I did! They had a block of Match Game on. It was so great. They played an interview with the late Gene Rayburn, the host. Really great. I also talked to my TV last night. There was one of those dumb commercials on and I just said, “Come on!” Again, I said it out loud. I talked to my TV! I think that’s a bit odd. At least it didn’t talk back.

I came home last night and there’s one of those bright orange stickers pasted to my car window. It said something like I’m parked illegally and we’ve recorded your license number and something like you could be towed. Now, it didn’t say who it was from? Something like that should say from the Hoboken police department. Right? Now, granted, I was parked in front of a garage that has a no parking sign, but I’ve been parking there for 5 years. A car can’t even get into that garage. At the very least, I think I have squatter’s rights. I’ll tell you this, if it didn’t come from the Hoboken PD, I may have a good lawsuit. And if you know anything about me, know this: I’m very litigious. I’ll sue at the drop of a hat. Those stickers are tough to get off a window. At least they didn’t tow it. That happened to me before in Hoboken. That’s not a fun process. And they broke the lock on my door. DON’T EVEN THINK FOR A MINUTE THAT I FORGOT ABOUT THAT! Just thinking about that gets me so angry, I had to disassemble my whole door, who do they think they are anyway, AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! Internet Acting, thank you, thank you very much.

Someday I’m going to print the list of people and businesses that have wronged me. It’s a long list. Straight up, go to go to the store and buy a T-Shirt. It’s a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, does anyone know of a nice single girl in the tri-state area? Tell her to drop me a line and a photo I don’t want to spend another V-day crying myself to sleep.

And on that note, I’m out. Have a good day.

I still have a cold. My throat hurts. This stinks! I went home last night and watched Easy Rider. I just put it in to watch a few scenes and I ended up watching the whole darn film. I can’t count the times I’ve seen it. I’d have to say that Easy Rider is my favorite film of all time. That’s my dream, to score some dope, hop on a motorcycle and just ride. Well, my dream except for the dope. Man, that’s a great film! I’ll probably watch it again tonight.

I don’t have anything else. Again, I have a cold. My days and nights are spent waiting for the snot to leave my nose so I can breathe like a human being again.

OK, on that note, have a good one. Hey, buy a shirt or mug at the store!