I’m back in NYC. What a trip! You’ve got to love the Pennsylvania Turnpike! I had to stop three times to use the bathroom, a record for me. I usually can drive it with only one stop. There must have been something in the air.

I travel with my cats. Evelyn is fine, she stays in the cage. However, Billy wants to come out and I almost always let him. He climbs around, sits on top of the cage and wants me to pet him. He was bad yesterday. Something was freaking him out and I had to put him back in. He was fine after that but man, he wouldn’t shut up! Cats, am I right? It’s good to be back in my apartment but there are things I miss about Ohio. Family, driving and the “kind of” wide open spaces. I have to make it short today, my computer at work is on the blink. I’m writing this at someone else’s desk. It just doesn’t seem right. Have a great day.

My vacation is coming to a fast close. And what a vacation its been! My home theater problems are zero, I’ve grown closer to my nephews and I took a big bite out of my holiday shopping. Are you telling your friends about this site? Tell your friends!

I didn’t do much yesterday. I’m still tired from my trip to Kent. Today, I’m going to clean out my Dad’s closet and do some chores from around my folks’ house. OK, I just said that last part for effect. I’m just going to clean out the closet, ha ha. I’m out. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be back in NY/NJ. Have a great weekend. One more thing,

I want to give a shout-out to Walter Kim for helping me update this site this week. Walter is my webmaster and a darn good guy. However, his site blows, ha ha.

I also watched the Vanilla Ice: Behind the Music, “Word to your mother.”

My return to Kent State University went well.

I drove back to Steubenville around 12am, it was really snowing hard.

And that, ladies and gentleman was my day yesterday. I’m writing this at 2:23 am and I’ll be honest, I’m freaking tired. OK, I’m going to bed. Have a great day! I got to see my old professor/friend, Dave McCoy. He’s a cool guy. Big ups to him. His wife, Michelle, wrote a book on the TV industry. You can purchase it via my Amazon/DVD page. OK, bed.

Slow day yesterday. You need one of those every now and then. I wasn’t going to take a shower but around dinner time I couldn’t take it anymore. I was online a lot. I watched The Filth and the Fury, a Sex Pistols documentary. I heard good things about it but I didn’t care for it. A year ago I saw Johnny Rotten on Judge Judy. That kind of takes away your “punk” credibility. And that’s what I was thinking of throughout the documentary. I bought their act when I was a teenager but it doesn’t hold water today. What are you rebelling against now, being a millionaire? By the way, you can buy The Filth and the Fury on my Amazon/DVD page. Tonight, I’m driving up to Kent State University. There are a lot of great memories up there. Flunking Spanish three times. Not being able to pass a grammar, spelling, punctuation test that I needed to get into a journalism class. I said it back then and I’m saying it now, EVERYBODY USES SPELL CHECK! I even went so far as getting tested by a psychologist because I thought I had a learning disability. I’m so angry now! I forgot about all that crap. Oh well. I was on the eight year plan in college. That reminds me – I’d like to give a shout-out to my Dad and Mom for paying the bills back then. Who knows where I would have ended up? Later.

Hello. I had a good day yesterday. Took care of some shopping, went to Wendy’s for lunch and I got my oil changed – In my car. Ha ha, lame. The guy had to pry my hood open with a screw driver. It’s cold in Ohio this week, in the 30’s I believe. I watched Superman with my nephews. Every time Superman flies Jacob says “That’s me, Bobby, that’s me!” We’re all very proud. Later we got into an intense sword fight battle-royal. I won! When they left I asked Jacob for a hug. He came over, we hugged and he said “Where’s my kiss?” Freaking sweet.

Online I found a cheap ($50, shipped), small, brand new subwoofer for my receiver. PLUG – shop with Amazon.com. I’m excited about hooking all this crap together. I’m going to have the bastard system from hell. It’s fun trying to get it all together with no money. OK, I think that’s it. My family found out one of my little quarks, every night for the past two months I rinse my face with dish washing liquid. I didn’t see any harm in it, it does cut grease. What’s the big deal? Apparently dish washing liquid has harmful stuff in it, who knew?! So, I’m getting teased because of that. Jacob called me dishwasher head. OK, that’s all I got. Later. Oh, my friend Eric would like to give a shout-out to his dead Uncle Steve. And I’m sorry for the late diary postings this week, after all, I am on vacation.

I’m in Ohio. This is my vacation? I enjoy it here, hanging with the folks, just watching TV like a lump. My Mom hums a lot. I have a feeling that if she ever stops; we’re all in trouble. I baby-sat my two nephews Saturday night. That was fun. They have something that I lost a long time ago, nonstop energy. It’s a good thing I planned ahead and rented $20 in videos. We also played hide and seek. It’s hard to tell when they’re going to seek with countdowns like, “1, 2, 3, 10, 42, 15, 12, 8, ready or not here I come!” I love those kids! My home theatre saga has come to an end, finally. After the Buy.com letdown, they offered me $20 to come back, Ha; I went to my old stand by,Amazon.com. I found a gift certificate, at www.dvdpricecompare.com, for $50 off a $200 order. Plus they have free shipping. I found a sweet deal. By the way, you too can purchase at Amazon.com, via my DVD page. So, I bought a receiver there and picked up a pair of speakers at a local store. They sounded very good for the price. I’m going to hold off on the 5-speaker theatre thing for now because at my price level, it’s hard to find something great. I hate those stores where a sales guy/woman is on you every five seconds. And I think having that kind of job leads to body odor because two sales guys, one in NJ and one here, stank to the high heavens. May I help you? No thanks. So, that’s it. A pretty good weekend for Ohio.

Happy Friday and Happy December! Today I start my vacation. Don’t worry, I’ll make updates to the diary everyday. As you read this, I’m probably driving along the world’s first superhighway, The Pennsylvania Turnpike. I’ve been down that road many times. My cats travel well and enjoy the ride.Check this out – On Monday, I ordered a cheap home theater from Buy.com. Thursday, I checked to see if they shipped it yet and their site still said it was sent to the warehouse. I went back and checked on the actual item and it was out of stock. I wrote to them to check on the status and they wrote back saying sorry, it’s on backorder and they don’t know when it will be back in. I had to write them to find out this information! It really pisses me off because if it was backordered, why is it on the site available for shipment in 24 to 48 hours? Poor service. I’m trying to cancel it but they haven’t returned my e-mail. Horrible. I’ve canceled things from them before, only to get it in the mail at a later date. “A” doesn’t seem to be able to reach “B” in that company. I’m looking around for another home theater but darn, if they’re not pricey. I do have some good news. An old friend of mine from the PR world, Laura, sent me some Glacier Bay vodka refreshers. How sweet is that? PLUG – They call it “Vodka in a New Way.” Thank you. My brother brought up a good point. There are probably a lot of people that don’t know what Time Out New York is. After all, it is the World Wide Web. Time Out New York is a magazine that lists current events in New York City. It’s very popular around these parts. Sorry if there was any confusion. Anyway, CHECK OUT THE NOVEMBER 30TH ISSUE OF TONY, PAGE 204! And please keep telling your friends about this site. OK, I’ll see you on Monday. Have a good weekend. Also, Justin says big ups to Flower Hospital in Manhattan, that’s where he was born.

If you missed yesterday’s diary you missed the big news, I’m in Time Out New York! I’m still excited! Page 204 of the November 30th issue.

Time Out New York: Borden to Be Wild

If you’re a regular viewer of The Late Show with David Letterman, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the rotund and bespectacled writers’ assistant Bob Borden chasing down Oprah and Urkel or polling New Yorkers on Campaign 2000 issues. Due to overwhelming fan demand, Borden has opened a Web porthole into his own life, including a diary, a FAQ file (despite many Inquiries, he’s not gay) and streaming video of a few of his 45 Late Show appearances. So, Is top boss Letterman heard around the office calling people pinheads? “I’ve never heard him use the word pinhead off the air,” says Borden. Go to www.BobBorden.com.”

Again, welcome to all of the TONY readers.

Story time: About three weeks ago I put a note under my neighbor’s door. I’d seen her in the hallway before and said “Hi,” but never had the chance to talk to her. So, when I launched my site, about three weeks ago, I was so excited I put a note under her door. It pretty much said I’ve ridden the bus with you before but wasn’t able to say hi, etc… Basically a stalker-lite note. Stalker-lite – One step away from being a stalker. Later, I thought, what have I done? I put a note under a woman’s door that I don’t know! And her first impression of me is that note and seeing my big head spin around! What if she lives with someone or has a boyfriend!? I was just so clouded by having my own site; I didn’t realize what I was doing. Anyway, to make a long story short, I saw her this morning! I said I’m so sorry about the note, I didn’t realize how freaky it probably was for her. She was cool about it and said not to worry. We ended up riding the bus into the city. The time flew by. Her name is Jennifer. She’s really nice and may I say, easy on the eyes. Once we got to the bus station we went our separate ways and she said we’ll have to catch up after you get back from vacation. I said absolutely. Now, I’m thinking I should have asked for her number or something. I sure as hell can’t put another note under her door! However, I don’t know what her deal is. She could be engaged for all I know? So, I’ll wait for the next chance run in. What else can I do? Damn. OK, have a good day. I didn’t do much last night. Just watched Match Game and listened to music. Again, have a good day.