Good day! I’ve got nothing. I just worked yesterday and watched some TV when I got home. There’s nothing good on prime time anymore. Flipping through the channels you just say to yourself, nope, I don’t think so and that’s so lame. At least that’s how my brain works. I ended up watching a Behind the Music on Lenny Kravitz. Man, that guy is good. I have all his CDs. Years ago, I threw out all my jewel boxes and put my CD’s in notebooks. Now, as my musical tastes have changed, I’m stuck with these notebooks because you can’t sell CDs without the jewel boxes. Lesson learned. OK, I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. I may or may not have a special announcement about this site and press coverage, later today. If that addition happens, it will be in red, so you won’t miss it. Later. Oh, I’d like to give a special shout out to my new friends in London, Anne and Georgette. Also, thanks to Chris for the speaker information. Here’s something – My boss, Eric, just saw two cops trying to handcuff and push a fat man into a police van. They were all laughing. Only in New York, am I right? Hello? Have a good one.

11-29-00 UPDATE!!!
Wow! Great news! My five press releases have paid off. I’m in the November 30th issue of Time Out New York! It’s on the newsstand now, page 204, check it out! I can’t believe it. Thanks to Adam Wisniewski Technology Editor, for his vision and guts. As always thanks to Walter Kim, my designer and a very special thanks to the loyal surfers. To the new TONY readers, WELCOME! I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

Last night, I watched the greatest music DVD ever. The Beastie Boys Video Anthology is so sweet. You can watch different angles and listen to different mixes with the flip of a button. I’ve seen multiple angle DVD’s before but this is in a league of its own. They have raised the bar of what a good music DVD should be; damn, it was good! That’s pretty much all I did. I watched Match Game on the Game Show Network. I love that show. Gene Rayburn and his celebrity panel were just great! They just looked like they had such a great time. The game itself was secondary. Love that show! I also talked to my Mom last night. She didn’t approve of my Thanksgiving weekend drinking. I’m 31 freaking years old! So to recap, buy the Beastie Boys DVD, watch the Match Game and if you’re going to drink, don’t put it on your website. Have a great day!

Welcome back! I hope you had a great long weekend. I sure did. I had Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Tiffany and her brother and sister in law, Kipley and Karen. I talked to Kipley for a long time about acting and shooting movies on Digital Video. We both agree that the future is now. I did end up having one too many. I got home, ordered a movie and fell asleep before it came on! Friday, I cleaned my apartment and got rid of some clothes that I haven’t worn in five years. More like I couldn’t wear them, I’ve gained some weight in the five years I’ve been here. Saturday was the busiest day I’ve had in a long time. I got up, sold some old CDs, dropped off some clothes, did my laundry, went to the Wiz and to the A & P. Then, I had a lovely dinner with Tiffany. I had this great fussili with chicken, mozzarella, squash, in a light pesto sauce. MMMMMMMM. She had the risotto. It was great as well. We kept drinking right up until 3am, we ended up at the diner and a one-armed man asked me to zip up his jacket. And I did. Tiffany said, “Did you just zip up that guy’s jacket?” It was pretty funny. I won’t be drinking for a while. Sunday, I worked on the site with Walter and had a quiet evening at home. My freaking stereo speakers have disintegrated. That stinks. You get a little ahead and then you have to buy something else. They were pretty good too. I think I can just replace the woofers but it might not be worth it. Oh well. OK, this whole President thing, If somebody doesn’t step up or step down soon, I’m going to freaking freak! Have a good one.

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to the special Thanksgiving edition of Bob’s Diary! And it’s special because I’m writing it on Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for my family, friends and cats. What are you thankful for? I’m writing this at 7am! I got up real early to get a parking spot. The longer you wait to come in on Thanksgiving, the worse your commute will be. The parade starts at 9am and they close down Broadway, which means if you’re looking for a parking spot, you better find a garage and that means $$$. I saw the floats getting ready to go through the Lincoln Tunnel last night. The tradition continues. Wait, I forgot something very exciting – I used my EZ pass this morning, for the first time! Man was that great! You just go through the toll and it reads the tag and that’s it. You never have to roll down your window or stop. I love technology. I’m wearing a tie today. The last time I wore a tie was back in March. I went on an interview to get an agent. Then, the commercial actor’s strike happened and I don’t know if I have an agent anymore, I just didn’t keep in touch. That’s a life lesson for the kids – keep in touch. I may start sending agents just my business card. I’ve been down the headshot road and it ain’t fun. I ended up with 200 photos of my chin. Next time I need a headshot, I’m just going to get it from Sears. By the way, for the non-showbiz people, a headshot is just a picture that looks like you, pretty much taken from the shoulders or from the neck up. Anyway, I’m ready to go to sleep! Again, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a great weekend. See you on Monday. MMMMM, turkey and beer! Also, my friend Lee, would like to send big ups to Brooklyn.

Oh yeah, very close to Thanksgiving! I like this time of year. I have to work so I can’t make it back to see my family but there are things about staying here I like. On the edge of Hoboken there is a huge warehouse. All they do there, 365 days a year, is build parade floats. The day before Thanksgiving, tonight actually, they block off the streets and bring the floats into the city. I’ve seen that happen for the past 5 years. It’s become my own little tradition. After that, I have a beer and cry myself to sleep. I also like seeing where I’ll end up after work on Thanksgiving. Last year, I went to the movies with friends. This year, my friend Tiffany asked me to join her and her brother and his wife. So I’m going to do that and get drunk. I also like holidays in the city because I can drive my car to work and the city is empty. However, Thanksgiving is different because of the parade. Last night, I was waiting for the bus for over 20 minutes. I finally said F this and walked through the bus station. You’re not allowed to walk up there because there’s a chance you could get hit by a bus but it’s too exciting to pass up. Plus, I don’t want to spend anymore time in the bus station than I have to. I didn’t get home till 9:00 because of that. OK, don’t forget to check in tomorrow for a special Thanksgiving edition of Bob’s Diary. And don’t forget to tell your family and friends about this site. Be safe traveling today, later. Oh, I almost forgot, this election crap sucks. I’m getting ready to riot in the streets. Have a great day!

Whew, it’s cold outside! I’m thankful for my hat. I was up till 1:30 am working on a personal gift project for my close friends. It was a lot of work but it turned out pretty good. I was so focused, didn’t eat, drink or watch TV. I was driven to get it done. So, I don’t have a lot to discuss today. There’s all that election crap but I think we’re all sick of hearing everybody’s two cents. I got my EZ pass in the mail this weekend; I can’t wait to use it! I love the little things. OK, I’m going to quit while I’m ahead. Don’t forget to do your Holiday shopping via my Amazon/DVD page. And thanks again to Mike McIntee for plugging my site on the Wahoo Gazette, I’ve talked to a lot of nice people because of him. Thanks, Mike.

Have a great day.

This weekend went fast! I woke up early, 8am, on Saturday and Sunday but have nothing to show for it. I did my laundry and fine-tuned the site with Walter on Sunday. Man it’s cold out! This week we’re going to crack 40 degrees twice. On Friday, I was standing in line waiting for the bus. There was this annoying couple behind me. I, having nothing to do in line, couldn’t help overhearing every word, yuk. I’m all for love but this guy she was with was so lame! But as time went on, I don’t think she was such as prize either. The lamest joke I heard this year came from this guy. They were talking about what to do on Saturday. And he said, “I still say we go see the Blue Man Group, watch them turn green.” That was this guy’s rap with the chicks! Why am I single? Granted, I weigh 400lbs, but he was talking some lame stuff. She, out of the blue said, “You know what I’m in the mood for? Potato chips, dip and a glass of milk.” Ok, that’s not so bad but later on the bus she said, again, out of the blue,“You know what I could really go for? Cranberry juice.” Well, which is it sweets? Cranberry juice or a glass of milk!? I love overhearing people. I tell this story all the time: I was walking in Hoboken and the man and woman were walking towards me. You could tell they were a couple, the baby carriage gave that away. Anyway, the woman took a drink from his Snapple bottle. Immediately, she put it down and said, “This is hot!” The guy looked lovingly into her eyes and said, “It’s mango, stupid!”I love that story. I watched The Running Man on Saturday. That’s a great flick. OK, that’s all I got! Have a great day.

I was talking to my brother last night and his son, my nephew, came downstairs and asked for some water. Remember doing stuff like that? I forgot all the things I used to do to fight going to sleep. Now I can’t wait to get to sleep, I wish I were sleeping now. My nephew just took a sip and my brother said, “Is that it, you came down here for that?” So, my nephew just took the glass and pretended to drink, it was funny. He told me about the drums and guitar that he saw recently. I think of my brother, he’s married with three kids and I can’t even find a woman! I have a feeling I’m going to end up likeCharlie Chaplin and father kids when I’m in my 60’s; it may have been later than that. Come to think of it, that may not be so bad! This morning I rode the bus in, as usual, and there were three teenage girls on the bus. They were talking about their lame teachers and how they should be taught things that interest them. I have to say, I think I agree with them. Take a look at this website, I pretty much learned everything I needed to know by the fourth grade. The rest of the stuff I got “D’s” in. I didn’t excel at anything till college, when I found out they teach classes on TV! That was a pretty good day. If they taught things that I could have got into, I could have had a five-year jump on my life. Although after saying that, maybe all that time spent in school isn’t so bad. After all, I’m 31 and I live alone with two cats. What would I have missed out on by starting five years earlier!? OK, so the whole school point is moot. The nephew story was good. OK, have a great weekend, talk to you on Monday.