This weekend went fast! I woke up early, 8am, on Saturday and Sunday but have nothing to show for it. I did my laundry and fine-tuned the site with Walter on Sunday. Man it’s cold out! This week we’re going to crack 40 degrees twice. On Friday, I was standing in line waiting for the bus. There was this annoying couple behind me. I, having nothing to do in line, couldn’t help overhearing every word, yuk. I’m all for love but this guy she was with was so lame! But as time went on, I don’t think she was such as prize either. The lamest joke I heard this year came from this guy. They were talking about what to do on Saturday. And he said, “I still say we go see the Blue Man Group, watch them turn green.” That was this guy’s rap with the chicks! Why am I single? Granted, I weigh 400lbs, but he was talking some lame stuff. She, out of the blue said, “You know what I’m in the mood for? Potato chips, dip and a glass of milk.” Ok, that’s not so bad but later on the bus she said, again, out of the blue,“You know what I could really go for? Cranberry juice.” Well, which is it sweets? Cranberry juice or a glass of milk!? I love overhearing people. I tell this story all the time: I was walking in Hoboken and the man and woman were walking towards me. You could tell they were a couple, the baby carriage gave that away. Anyway, the woman took a drink from his Snapple bottle. Immediately, she put it down and said, “This is hot!” The guy looked lovingly into her eyes and said, “It’s mango, stupid!”I love that story. I watched The Running Man on Saturday. That’s a great flick. OK, that’s all I got! Have a great day.

I was talking to my brother last night and his son, my nephew, came downstairs and asked for some water. Remember doing stuff like that? I forgot all the things I used to do to fight going to sleep. Now I can’t wait to get to sleep, I wish I were sleeping now. My nephew just took a sip and my brother said, “Is that it, you came down here for that?” So, my nephew just took the glass and pretended to drink, it was funny. He told me about the drums and guitar that he saw recently. I think of my brother, he’s married with three kids and I can’t even find a woman! I have a feeling I’m going to end up likeCharlie Chaplin and father kids when I’m in my 60’s; it may have been later than that. Come to think of it, that may not be so bad! This morning I rode the bus in, as usual, and there were three teenage girls on the bus. They were talking about their lame teachers and how they should be taught things that interest them. I have to say, I think I agree with them. Take a look at this website, I pretty much learned everything I needed to know by the fourth grade. The rest of the stuff I got “D’s” in. I didn’t excel at anything till college, when I found out they teach classes on TV! That was a pretty good day. If they taught things that I could have got into, I could have had a five-year jump on my life. Although after saying that, maybe all that time spent in school isn’t so bad. After all, I’m 31 and I live alone with two cats. What would I have missed out on by starting five years earlier!? OK, so the whole school point is moot. The nephew story was good. OK, have a great weekend, talk to you on Monday.

I was in the subway this morning staring at the tracks, oblivious to everything. At that moment, I saw a rat climb a ladder! This woman and I looked at each other and smiled. It was a nice New York moment. I was walking to the bus this morning, thinking about the election and the 19,000 voters that probably won’t have their votes counted this election. Who’s at fault: the ballot design, the voters themselves? I looked down at a New Jersey license plate and found my answer. Last year, NJ put registration stickers on all the license plates. I, living in NJ, was part of this process. The NJ license bureau sent out stickers and directions. The directions, including a diagram, stated that the stickers should be placed on the top right of the front and rear plates. It was very simple, very easy, very straight to the point. However, if you look around you see: people with two stickers on the rear plate or one sticker on the left side, I’ve even seen them on the bottom of the plates – I stay away from those people. If people can’t follow simple directions on how to install license plate stickers, how the heck are they going to vote? The voters should have taken an extra minute and read the ballot and ballot instructions more carefully. And make sure that when they took their ballots out, that they were 100% punched out. I sure as heck wouldn’t want someone trying to interrupt who I was voting for! For all I know, they could have two stickers on their rear plates! It’s too early to say anything yet but one of my press releases may have paid off – more about that when I know more. Have a great day!

What a commute this morning! I live about 5 miles from work and it takes an hour to get here sometimes. They pack the buses like sardines. My leg always falls asleep because there’s nowhere to move. Two pet peeves about the bus: #1 Perfume. One person is OK, but 40 people wearing 40 different scents of the day is too much! #2 Cell phones. I’m all for technology but these things suck eggs! I always end up seated next to the guy trying to work out relationship problems with his girlfriend. And on every trip someone always pulls out their phone and 9 times out of 10 you hear this…”Yeah I just got out of the tunnel and I’ll be home in five minutes.” Do you have to call someone and tell them that? Another thing that happened to me today, my shoe came untied. Granted, that’s not a big deal but the odd thing is that I had it double-knotted. It makes you think, doesn’t it? Last night I watched this countdown show on VH1. They’re listing the greatest hard rock bands of all time. It’s pretty good. I have to say that my brother and I probably have every record on that list. Speaking of my brother and hard rock, check out his site, They’re bringing classic metal back. What’s up with this election crap? I was talking to my friend Jeff last night and we both agree that once the lawyers get involved it’s a free-for-all. These 1950’s voting machines and how we count the votes is the problem. How cool would it be to place your vote from your home computer? Like the rest of America I never thought of how we vote before because every election I’ve voted in has been a blowout. I sent out five press releases yesterday. I plan on sending out five releases everyday until someone reviews this site. If you happen to know a magazine writer, please have him or her check out my site. OK, that’s it for today. Have a good one.

Last night I watched Gimmie Shelter. The Rolling Stones concert film and the behind-the-scenes stuff that went on at Altamont. They call it “the greatest rock documentary ever filmed” and I agree. It kicked butt! PLUG – You can buy it via my Amazon page. Not much to report today, it’s raining. I guess that’s something. Here’s a question for the ladies – You’re on the bus and a large man starts talking to you. Is that something that would interest you?
A> Yes
B> No
C> Yes, but___
D> No, but_____

Have a great day.

I feel like an old man. I’d rather stay in than go out. I have weekend pants – pants that I only wear on the weekends. They’re not even nice pants. I just put them on when the weekend rolls around. Saturday, I did my laundry and ordered in a pizza. Sunday, I talked myself into being more adventurous. I drove to Jersey Gardens, NJ’s Largest Outlet Mall. It lived up to its name because it’s fricking huge! However, there was nothing there that appealed to me. Just a bunch of ugly shirts @ 40% off – 40% off of what? See what I’m saying. Again, the old man. After that, I drove south. Nowhere to go, nothing to do. NJ has EZ Pass now; I’m going to sign up for that later today! Later, I went to the A & P and bought some Kitty Litter. Exciting stuff! I did find a new short cut back home. So, it wasn’t a total loss and it felt great to get away from the city. Again, thanks to everybody for telling their friends about this site. I’ve received e-mails from Germany and Australia. And a guy just wrote me and said he found my card in White Castle. At this point, I’d like to make a plea – please, please don’t kill me. OK, have a great day!

This election stuff is crazy! It seems like they’re not going to stop recounting until Gore wins. Enough about that. Last night I watched a great DVD, Melvin and Howard. You should check it out. You can buy DVDs via my DVD page. This morning, on the bus, I was thinking about what to talk about. Nothing exciting happened to me yesterday. At that moment as I was walking off the bus, I looked down and on the bus seat was a gold dollar! Holy crap, I said to myself. I looked around to see if I was being watched. I wasn’t and I picked it up off the seat. Now, here’s the odd thing – My boss, Eric Stangel, found a gold dollar in his cab! The very same day! How f-ing cool is that?! It makes you think. I’m thinking about buying seven of the same style of shirt. I think I’d be happy with one shirt that I love than a bunch of shirts I just could care less about. I think Albert Einstein wore the same clothes all the time so he wouldn’t waste brain space on useless thoughts. I don’t have that problem, I’m just sick about caring about clothes. What do you think? Send me an e-mail. No big plans for my weekend. I wanted to go to QVC and take their tour but everyone thinks that’s a crazy idea. I’m in for a quiet weekend I think. OK, everybody have a good one and I’ll talk to you on Monday.

I got off the bus this morning and a guy and girl were blocking my way. I said excuse me and moved on. The guy, in a loud voice said, “EXCUSE ME, MAN!” He was trying to start something. I turned around, looked him in the eyes and said, “I did say excuse me!” I kept walking and heard him say to his friend “I didn’t hear him.” The point of this story is; there are people out there who just want to start something, for no good reason. I was right; I held my ground and didn’t back down. That’s a lesson for all of us. However, If he would have pulled a knife or took a swing at me, I would have run away like a little girl. Because, when you get down to it, there’s very little in this world worth getting in a fight over. OK, on Tuesday, there was electricity in the air – you could feel it. Wednesday morning, everyone seemed like they were hung over. And last night, it was calm – the calm before the storm. Today, we’re going to see what kind of men we voted for. Politics aside, it’s all about winners and losers now. I’ll be watching the loser of this race. Under all the stress and pressure and coming so close, how will they handle it? I can’t wait, it’s going to be good! Have a great day! Go to my DVD page and buy something from today!