What am I listening to?  I have Amazon Music so I can listen to anything!  Right now I’m enjoying Nick Lowe’s ‘TOKYO BAY/ CRYING INSIDE’ EP.

I wish this was longer than four songs!  But it’s so good!

I haven’t been to any shows this summer.  I was thinking about seeing Slayer and/or The B-52’s last weekend but it’s so damn humid!

While I’m talking about music, look at this 2-song playlist I made:

I called it ‘SuperCrazyMix’ and it has songs by Iggy Pop and Neil Diamond!  Now that is crazy!  I make a lot of playlists and I guess I ran out of names.

I was able to get my new glasses adjusted.  They were falling down on my nose and it was so annoying!  The salesman looked at them and said, “oh no, that’s not right.”  So, that’s a load off.  Glasses are so expensive!

I’m going to leave you today with a new feature called, You Don’t See This Everyday.  Look, it’s a roll sitting on top of a bush:

I saw that on Iggy’s walk last night.  Man, if that roll could talk!  Have a good weekend!

How is my week going? Last night was taco Tuesday and I ate sausages.  That sounds like a joke Norm on ‘Cheers’ would’ve said.

This humidity will not leave.  Iggy needed some ice on last night’s walk.

Great guy.

Seems like BobBorden.com was offline most of yesterday.  I found this out from my legions of readers Mom.

Hmmmm, what’s going on?  Not a lot.  I could and probably should end it here but first let’s see if I have any ideas in my notes.

Bob’s Notes:  Can I use the term ‘straight fire’ and get away with it?  What if the McGriddle was made up of only the syrupy buns? Also, has anybody ever thought of ‘pancakes on a stick’? I like almonds. I’ve been trying to cut out candy from my life. Compared to where I was, I’m doing pretty good. Just got word my new glasses are going to take a week longer. I can wait. I want a Boston cream donut… But without the donut…just a blob of goo.

Ok, nothing to see here.  Ha ha.  Have a good day.

My weekend was good.  Thanks for asking.  I did some chores and some relaxing.  You know who had a great weekend?  My nephew, Lucas.  He graduated in May, got a job and on Saturday he bought a new-ish car!

Good for him!  I believe he was driving the hand-me-down family truckster aka  the minivan.  That reminds me of my hand-me-down car, my 1977 Buick LeSabre.

Oh man, I had some great times in that car!  Mostly going out for pizza.  Ha ha!  Good stuff!

Saturday I mowed the lawn.  To reduce the mower noise I had the brilliant idea of using my Bose noise-canceling headphones!  It worked but it sure was boring!  So, I played some Corrosion of Conformity.  I think that decision was even louder than the mower!  Here’s what it was like:

Ha ha! My ears! Have a good day.

Sorry for the late Friday update.  I had a small problem…I fell asleep!  Hey, do you watch Veep on HBO?

I was late to Veep but now I’m almost caught up. Very funny stuff.

Do I post too many photos/videos of Iggy? Some say I don’t post enough. So, I’ll leave you this week with a cool video of Iggy. After Iggy finishes his dinner he has come to expect a treat. I do this mainly so I can eat uninterrupted. I sit down, then throw a treat on his bed.  He loves his treats.  Watch:

I heard a new Ray LaMontagne song yesterday and I said to myself, sounds like Ray has another hit on his hands.  Lol.  What a dumb thing to say!  I’m like the world’s worst music reviewer.

Last night Iggy took me on such a long walk!  Usually that’d be great but in this heat, yuk!  He gets hot, stops and lays down.  To get him going I give him some ice.  Yes, I carry a baggie of ice.  The ice gets him back on his feet…for about half a block.  What can I do, I love him.

Guess what band I’m getting back into?  Led Zeppelin.

I haven’t listened to them in years.  Last night I listened to Physical Graffiti.  Then I listened to The Rain Song and went to sleep.