I started watching ‘Norm Macdonald Has a Show’ this weekend. Very funny.  It’s on Netflix…everything is on Netflix.

I’m a little concerned because I think America didn’t give Burt Reynolds a proper send off. My favorite Burt Reynolds movie? 1978’s ‘Hooper’, about Hollywood stuntmen. Also very strong is 1989’s ‘Breaking In’, about small-time criminals. How can I not mention ‘Smokey and the Bandit’? I was trying to be cool and not go the obvious route. I enjoyed Burt’s work.

Poison ivy update: Friday night I scratched my rash and some dead skin came off (I know, gross)…so, like an idiot, I scratched some more! It felt so good! Then I took a shower. Then I put on the ointment. OUCH! Not smart! But now it looks better and feels better. This is the last you’ll hear about my poison ivy.

Random thought: I could never have lived in the wild west because there was too much spitting.

Time for a new feature to BB.com, Bob Learns Something New Everyday. Today I’d like to know the French word for licorice. It’s réglisse.

Saturday night Cara and I had dinner at a local seafood shack. The outside tables were very low and the chairs were very high. It was funny. I was sitting there, hunched over my meal. I looked like Rodin’s the thinker (except I’m out-of-shape and eating a fried sandwich).

But the food was good. Cara had a lobster roll and I had a fried clam sandwich. I was going to get an oyster po’boy but the order taker said without mayo there’s not much to it. I hate mayo. I also hate yogurt and sour cream. I don’t know why my aversion is so strong. I will have an aioli but it has to have a strong flavor, like sriracha. Anyway, we had a fun little adventure.

I was thinking I was going to go for a bike ride on Sunday. Then I thought, what am I going to do, just ride around? Where am I going to go? There has to be something better to do. I don’t have a bike helmet. I should probably have one. Now I’m thinking about selling my bike. On second thought…I went for a bike ride after all:

Sorry for the lack of updates this week.  I was taking care of my poison ivy.  How did I get it?  I didn’t go on any hikes in the woods.  I haven’t mowed the grass because of the nonstop rain.  It’s a mystery.  Or is it?  Our friend Jen suggested I could have got it from Iggy!  Poison ivy can get on a dog’s fur and can be transferred to humans.  There’s only one way to find out, go to the source.

Iggy reminds me of a ‘Goodfellas’ quote, “You told ’em nothing and they got nothing”. I guess I’ll never know.

Jeez, sorry to see what’s happening to the Carolinas. Awful.

On Monday I mentioned some mosquitos went to town on my arm.  The urge to itch has been crazy!  After looking a little closer I realized it was more of a rash.  After a quick Internet search It looked like shingles!  WTF!  I immediately went to an Urgent Care place and showed a doctor my arm.  Turns out it’s not shingles, whew!  It’s poison F-ing ivy.  I’ve NEVER had that before.  Where did I get it?  Your guess is as good as mine.  The treatment is a bunch of pills and an ointment.  So, there you go.

Always something.

This weekend, what the heck?!  It was grey and rainy.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  What did I do?  I worked hard and I played harder!  Yes!  You know who had a great weekend?

I love this guy! He’s the best. When I walk him at night we go down to our local park. It has a pond. Sounds nice, right? Well, it looks like a swamp and attracts bugs! Mostly mosquitoes. I have a few bites and they started to itch this weekend. Excuse me for a second…YAWN!

Have a nice day.

When Vanilla Ice makes the news because his Dubai to JFK flight was quarantined, you know you just lived through a crazy F-ing week!  Forget I said ‘week’, the whole world, 24/7 is nuts!  But has it always been crazy?  Yes.

Let’s celebrate the positive.  Here are some lyrics to something I like to call, Weekend Song:

The weekend is here, time for the weekend
Gonna walk the dog
Gonna binge watch Netflix’s Osark
Weekend weekend weekend

The weekend is when I recharge
The weekend is when I relax
The Weeknd is a singer from Canada
Wait, I got sidetracked

Football is here
But I’m not a fan
I have to use my time wisely
By mowing the grass

Weekend weekend weekend
Weekend weekend weekend
Weekend weekend weekend
Weekend weekend weekend

I’m not going to lie…that needs A LOT of work!  Have a nice weekend.

The humidity is back and I need to hydrate!  So for today, feel free to go back and reread yesterday’s update!  Stay cool!

Oh man, summer is over!  This summer wasn’t great. I feel like if it wasn’t raining, it was humid! So I made a decision to make this Labor Day weekend count! I did as much fun stuff as I could! Cara and Iggy went out east and I stayed behind. Time for Bobby to spread his wings! Ha ha. So what fun thing did I do first? I went to the movies.

‘Juliet, Naked’ was playing. I went to the 9:35 pm showing. I was looking forward to seeing another great adaptation of Nick Hornby’s works. I LOVE ‘About A Boy’. Well, this film wasn’t on par. I don’t know what the deal was. I didn’t like it. Also, my Milkduds were melted and gross! After the bad film, I thought, I’ll stop at the local bar and have a drink. 11:30 pm on a Friday night: Closed! Hmmmmm. This weekend isn’t off to a good start.

Saturday I did some chores.  Saturday night I saw some bands I’ve never seen before, Judas Priest and Deep Purple! Here are some highlights:

Yes, I went by myself. I couldn’t get anyone to go with me! Ha ha. The bands were so good! I grew up on metal music. To be surrounded my loud music is to breathe.  I knew Judas Priest was going to be good.  I was surprised by Deep Purple.  They were great!

Sunday I loaded up the car and drove east to join Cara and Iggy. Side-note: It was so weird not having Iggy around. The guy follows me from room to room. I missed him. And yes, I missed Cara too!

On my way to meet Cara I thought of one last fun thing to do. Go to a casino! That usually works out well for me! Ha ha ha! How did I do?  I was down, then up and then down. I just lost a little. Did I mention I didn’t tell Cara? Cara was expecting me around a certain time. When that time passed, she checked my location on her phone and saw that I was at a casino! Ha ha ha ha. Here’s Cara’s text and my response. Funny.

“Busted!” is right, ha ha ha!  I rounded out the weekend by having my favorite breakfast(s)!

I’m sad summer is over.  Such is life.

When these neighborhood gossip hounds get together, watch out!

I’m thankful today isn’t freakishly hot! This week was brutal! But it is the end of August. Ugh. I hate talking about the weather. Hot, cold, hot, cold. What do I care? I’m not a farmer.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, there’s nothing going on. So, load up the dog and have a bitchin’ weekend!